How to Paint a House Like a Professional Painter

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Planning a house painting project? Tackling it on your own? Are you wondering where to start, what tools you will need? Want to know how to paint a house like a professional painter? We hope these tips help you achieve as close to a professional house painting result.

House Painters Tools

It starts with the proper tools. Purchases to be made:

  1. Painter’s tape. Use it as a guide and protector around the glass on windows, the trim and baseboards and it may be helpful for you to paint a straight cut line. Buy a roll of plastic sheet to cover the floors and furniture.
  2. Invest in a good quality paint brush and paint roller. The cheaper ones will leave behind hairs or fibers, and won’t apply the paint as well and you’ll most likely run into paint problems.
  3. Buy caulking and applicator to seal any cracks around the windows, trim and baseboards. Caulking before painting is an important step to achieving good results.
  4. Get the best quality paint product your budget allows. Not all paints are created equal.
  5. Buy a putty knife and filler to patch nail pops, dents, holes or imperfections. If there is more damage to the drywall than just nail pops or small holes then you need to get a trowel and drywall compound to do drywall repairs. See our tips on how to avoid paint blocking or sticking problems.

hole in the wall before wall repairs

A House Painter’s Tips

sandpaper and sanding block
Sanding all the trim, baseboards and drywall repairs using a sponge sanding block or sheet of sandpaper ensures smooth surfaces before painting.

Prepare the drywall before you apply a primer to the walls and ceilings with a paint primer. Follow these tips on how to. If you have stains due to water damage or smoke stains then the Kilz Original spray can is ideal for small spot coverage like the ceiling or wood grains of trim or baseboards.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to quality paint and primer products as you’ll regret the choices made. There really is a difference between the paint, the primer and the all in one paints. Splurge on the better product and you will get better results for your house painting project.

Congrat’s with all the information above you should be able to have your space looking fabulous. Perhaps in a few months or a year or so you may need to do some touch ups or repaint because life just happens.

House Painters and painting is the one thing you want to make sure you have the very best of. It’s an investment you make just like when you purchase your new house or condo.

When you hire a professional house painter in Ottawa you will be guaranteed top notch quality that comes with years of experience, knowledge, skill and discipline, and your house painting investment will be enjoyed for years to come.

Take a peak at our Ottawa house painting services and give us a call or drop us an email if your looking to hire a professional house painter in Ottawa.

We also provide paint colour consultation with the painting estimate so that all your questions regarding paint finishes, sheens and colours can be addressed.

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