Painting the interior of any house or condo deserves the best of service, high quality paint products and experienced painters to get it done professionally.

Finding the best Ottawa painters to work with guarantees the painting is done efficiently, impeccably, on time and on budget.painting of dining room and living room by painters in Ottawa PG PAINT & DESIGN

Interior Painting​ Services in Ottawa

Our homes are the sanctuary we look forward to spending time in, a professionally painted interior can re-energize and renew the feelings for any outdated home decor with a fresh new paint colour.

Interior painting is a cost effective way to update the look of any home or condo, whether it’s a full house interior painting, a focal or accent wall or to finalize the home improvement or home renovation project.  Painting makes the biggest impact to change any interior affordably.

Let us help you get started with the transformation and painting the interior of your house, condo, apartment or residence.  Get the best painting results your home deserves.

Reasons To Choose Professional Interior Painters In Ottawa

It can take you a few days to paint a room or weeks to repaint the entire house if you were to do it yourself, not to mention the frustration of falling behind on other duties of every day life.

The stress and hard work of painting it yourself can be avoided when you hire experienced interior painters in Ottawa.   

At PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa House Painters we believe we can take away the stress of doing the painting yourself.

Experience, knowledge and affordable interior painting costs, makes it quick, simple and easy to make changes to your space by finding the best painters in Ottawa to work with.

interior painting of kitchen of a house in Ottawa by PG PAINT & DESIGN painters

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Interior Painting Services Include:

A process is followed by professional painting companies in Ottawa to achieve the best interior painting results.

Every job-site receives the same commitment of high quality service, use of the best paint products and our over 30 years experience in the house painting industry is our signature standard.

After the initial meeting, consultation and quote in your home with painters in Ottawa PG PAINT & DESIGN provides the standard process and steps as outlined below for painting the interior of your house or condo.

When you choose to work with us our standard process to painting the interior of your house or condo is as below.

Step 1 – Preparation for Interior House Painting​

To prepare the walls and ceilings for painting we ensure the necessary prep work is done to ensure smooth surfaces, sealed gaps and cracks are taken care of before painters begin.

All interior painting projects receive the same attention to achieve professional end results.  Our interior painting services include:

Furniture Covered With plastic before interior painting services from PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa House Painters


Furniture is protected with a new and clean sheet of protective plastic sheeting.

Floors and carpet are protected by drop cloths.

Hanging light fixtures are wrapped with plastic covering to protect from any paint splatters when painting the ceilings.

Removal of light switches and electrical outlet plates of which are re-installed upon completion of the project.

PGPAINT & DESIGN working on a Interior Renovation project with drywall patching and repair


Patch and repair holes, damage and imperfections of drywall,

Fill nail pops

Sand to smooth all surfaces

Ensure all caulking is done around trim of windows, doors, trim and baseboards

We also repair and remove stipple ceiling.  Repaint the smoothed out ceiling or paint over the stipple

STEP 2 – Paint Application

After all the prep work is completed, we begin the painting process by using a paint primer as is required in each individual project.  We then paint a minimum of two coats of final paint colour.

Albeit the final decision and choices of paint colours are yours to make we can help guide you to better understand the difference in paint finishes  and if required and requested a paint colour consultation is available when are services are hired.

We do not cut corners by spray painting any interior as this should only done in newly built homes to complete the project faster. Using paint brushes and paint rollers for all interior painting projects guarantees professional end results.

Step 3 – The Clean Up

At the end of each day, to ensure minimal disruption to homeowners and their family we ensure all tools, materials and supplies such as paint cans, paint brushes, paint rollers and pans, along with ladders are all taken away or safely stored in a pre-approved area by the homeowner.  This avoids any accidents from happening and permits homeowners to go on with the home routine. We just want the biggest change in your routine to be in the transformation of your home with the new paint colours.

At the completion of the project we will reinstall all light switch plates, electric outlet covers that were previously removed, remove entirely from the premises all our tools, supplies and  materials.  Remove all plastic coverings, all drop cloth sheets,  vacuum, sweep and mop all dust and debris that may have resulted from any drywall repairs and sanding.

Dinning Room With Modern Tables and Chairs

Step 4 – Guarantee The Best Interior Painting Service Experience

After all the materials, supplies, tools and coverings have been removed from the premises, if we are requested to we may return furniture back to its original place.  We strive to leave your home as close as possible to when we started with a thorough clean up of the work area and a walk through inspection with homeowner.

We appreciate your feedback whilst still on the premises and after the project is complete.  It gives us the opportunity to correct any flaws.  We want you to be 100% and  more satisfied with the interior painting we completed.  See what others have said on our testimonials page and read the reviews.

When you hire us we want you to trust that you are in good hands.  Trust that we have the knowledge and experience as painters in Ottawa for over 30 years and know that you will receive the best of interior painting services


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PG Paint and Design is an excellent choice if you decide to do any exterior or interior painting or dry wall fixing. Pino and Pina are absolutely wonderful to work with. Pino painted the interior of our home and they did an absolutely beautiful job. Pino’s attention to detail can be seen throughout our home. Both Pino and Pina are very responsive, helpful, and I would highly, highly recommend them to anyone in need of painting services. It has been a fantastic experience working with them. Pino took the time to consult with us for color choices and he found solutions that addressed our needs and still came in as the most competitive price. He and his team were friendly, worked quickly and cleaned up when they were done – we couldn’t be happier with their final work and would recommend him to anyone looking for quality, honest work from someone who really knows their stuff. Thank you so much. ~ Liliana and Svet of Orleans in Ottawa

Pino and Pina are absolutely wonderful to work with. During a very stressful preparation for an international move, Pino painted the entire interior of our home and did a beautiful job. Pino’s attention to detail can be seen throughout our home. Both Pino and Pina are very responsive, helpful, and I would highly, highly recommend them to anyone in need of painting services. It has been a fantastic experience working with them. ~ H. Perez  of Ottawa, ON.

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