Townhouses create the perfect neighborhoods in our great city of Ottawa. The rows of homes blend perfectly with the single homes.

townhouse painting in Ottawa by PG PAINT & DESIGN painters

Townhouse Painting in Ottawa

PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa House Painters provides painting services for your townhouse.

Providing home owners with the best in interior and exterior painting. We make sure that care is taken to cover and protect all the furniture, hanging light fixtures such as chandeliers or ceiling fans and flooring.

Removing electrical outlet covers, filling nail pops or holes, cracks or damage to drywall, are just a few of the things we do to prepare a room for painting which guarantees you the best professional end result.

After all the caulking to fill the areas such as door frames, ceiling corners and edges, baseboards, trim, cove molding or other wood framework is complete we use a quality paint primer to ensure the best adhesion of the minimum 2 coats of paint we always use. More than two coats of paint finish may be required for dark colours..

interior painting of a townhouse living room in Ottawa in gray paint colours by PG PAINT & DESIGN painters

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Other services provided by PG PAINT & DESIGN:

We remove stipple ceilings. Apply 2 coats of compound to bring the ceiling to a smooth texture. Sand it, prime and two coats of finish.

Painting of garage or basement flooring with concrete floor paint that is specially formulated for these specific areas.

Repair and or install baseboards and trim, inspect windows and door frames for breakage or cracks and ensure they are filled, sanded and painted.

Remove wallpaper as well as replace any wood either interior or exterior that has been worn down by time passing and or weather elements.

We remove all debris left behind from work we have done. Ensuring any carpets are vacuumed and floors swept, so that at the end of each day, you notice nothing we leave behind but rather admire the fresh paint on your walls.

interior painting of townhouse by PG PAINT & DESIGN painters in Ottawa

Townhouse Painters in Ottawa

Hiring the right painters is key to getting professional results. You will want to find a painter that can help with choosing paint colours by providing a consultation, inform you of what paint finish is best and offer you tips and advice.

For more useful and helpful painting tips visit our blog articles and see our completed projects see our photo gallery.

gray painted walls of town house painting by PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa painters

Why Choose PG PAINT & DESIGN For Townhouse Painting

With our 30 years experience in the paint and drywall repairs trades, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work.

Ensuring our clients are 100% satisfied with our work, as you will read in the Testimonials and Reviews provided from our long time clients to our most recent.

Client Testimonial: PG paint and design have painted a few areas in our house. They have mainly taken on the difficult areas – the kitchen, the hallway and very high stairwell etc. The work has always been consistently of a very high quality. Pino has a great eye for detail and is meticulous about not only the painting, but proper prep, patching and repair work to ensure a good end result. Added to that, he also does excellent clean up at the end of each work day. From start to finish, it was a good experience working with someone so professional. I would definitely hire PG Paint and Design for any other tricky jobs around the house.

For All Your Townhouse Painting Projects

If you are looking for a professional painter to work with you on your next project,  choose PG PAINT & DESIGN for quality at affordable prices.

Voted as one of the best rated painters in Ottawa as trusted and reliable.  We take pride in being painters and look forward to working with you in an Ottawa neighborhood near you.

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