We can all agree that painting is one of the quickest, easiest and inexpensive ways to update our homes.  Changing the colours to the exterior and refreshing the interior with new fresh paint colours is one of the easiest and most cost effect home improvements we can do that will give us immediate results and prove very gratifying. 

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Reasons To Paint The Interior Of Your Home

While the reasons to repaint the interior of your home can be as simple as wanting to update the colours it also gives you the perfect ambiance and harmony for cozy living.

Interior painting can be a simple refresh of paint colours or a complete makeover every 5 to 7 years.  This helps maintain the interior drywall surfaces that may be showing signs of wear and tear such as holes, dents, cracks, etc., as well as any trim, baseboards and other wood surfaces.

It helps maintain the look of your home for any potential new buyers if you are listing in the Ottawa real-estate market and helps you sell your home fasterThe value of the initial investment to painting the interior of your home or condo before selling gives you a higher ROI than if you don’t. 

New home buyers today are looking for that move in ready home where they one less thing on their to-do-checklist.  You can help them reach their buying decision faster with a quick and inexpensive upgrade that could help entice any new potential buyer. Painting in neutral paint colours is one of the typical ways to give any home or space an updated look and with today’s colour choices are almost endless.

Reasons To Paint The Exterior Of Your House

Exterior Painting: Updating the exterior walls, front door, trim and other surfaces of the exterior of your home not only increases the homes curb appeal, but helps maintain any of the wood surfaces from moisture and mold as well as provide the continued protection from the harsh elements of our extreme cold  Canadian weather.  It enhances the look of any front door to make that perfect first impression.  

Every year you should do a walk about around the exterior of your home to check if it needs any repairs, caulking, repainting and general maintenance. 

As a guideline use a spring and summer home maintenance checklist  or a fall and winter home maintenance checklist that will provide you with the steps and tips that are needed to help you take care of your home and prevent problems such as mold and mildew, cracking or peeling paint, gaps or holes that need to be sealed and other minor home repairs. 

Ensuring the paint on the exterior of your home is in good condition not only ensures you the best curb appeal but also provides the best protection for any exterior wood surfaces from the environmental elements of ice, snow, rain etc. 

The best painting companies in Ottawa will recommend you paint the exterior of your home at least every 3 to 5 years. 

By taking the preventive measures and maintaining the exterior of your home each year helps prevent small issues becoming larger and more expensive.   


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Why bother painting is a question homeowners may ask themselves from time to time, but as you can see there are plenty of good valuable reasons why you should and need to.

When you are ready to get started on your next interior or exterior painting project call on the expert painters in Ottawa to arrange a free no obligation painting quote.