To Do List Before Moving In

Black front door of house painted by PG PAINT & DESIGN
You’ve just purchased that new house or condo and the keys have been handed to you and you’re super excited for this new phase in your life. Here is a quick to do list before moving in.

Change the locks on all exterior doors

door keys and lock kept on glass top
If your a handy kind of person that knows how to change a door lock than absolutely go for it. There are plenty sold in all the big box stores at decent prices. Now a days there are so many options too. You can get the new modern ones that have keyless entry or go with old school lock and key. If your not a do it yourself than you can always hire a locksmith who will replace them for you. You do not want to keep the old locks from the previous owners as one never knows how many others those keys were shared with. Better to be safe than sorry.

Paint all the walls and ceilings

dining and living room areas painted in dark gray colour by PG Paint & Design
It’s easier for you the homeowner to have your condo or house painting done before you move in. It’s a good idea to hire a professional painter in Ottawa  who can take care of all the necessary repairs of holes, cracks, damaged walls or ceilings and other defects. This way you’ll be able to have a fresh coat of paint and new colours in your new place before moving in. Painting also is a great form of house cleaning. It’s easier to paint the walls than to wash them all down prior to move in as it is time consuming.

Get the house cleaned

cleaning hardwood floor with a mop
Usually it’s the norm that the homeowners moving out will leave the house clean and tidy for the new ones to move in. Sometimes it’ll happen they won’t but nonetheless it’s nice to have another good deep cleaning done before you move in. If you have the time, and energy you’re going to want to do it yourself, but if you can’t then hire a professional Ottawa house cleaning company like Green Apple Cleaning. Sometimes it’s just worth the extra money while you get other things done.

Make sure you get a professional to test all mechanical equipment is cleaned and serviced

gas burner of furnace
You want to make sure that the furnace and air conditioner in your new home or condo are in proper working condition. You don’t want to get stuck at -40 degree weather in Ottawa and the furnace won’t come on and same thing with our hot humid summers, you want to be able to flip on the switch and have them both working. You also don’t want to get caught having to pay for an emergency service call in the middle of winter or summer. Ensure that they are by hiring a professional furnace and air conditioner specialist.

Make sure all electrical is working properly and efficiently

hanging light bulbs
If it’s a new home you don’t really have to worry about the electrical as it should be all up to code since it’s a new house or condo. If you’re moving in an older Ottawa home than it’s advisable for you to ensure that all the electrical stuff is working properly, efficiently and safely. You should hire a professional electrician. We recommend the services of Tri-Wave Electric Ltd in Ottawa to take care of servicing these issues. Of course if it’s a new home or even an older one that has undergone extensive renovations and the electrical has already been updated than sometimes all you need is to change the light switch plates. They may be old and mismatched or broken. It’s an easy and inexpensive fix to just go out and buy all new ones and have every room in your house looking updated with new light switch plates, and plug outlets.

Add or Install New Windows and or Treatments

window shades professionally painted
If it’s an older home you’ve purchased perhaps the windows need to be replaced. You can ask a professional window replacement and manufacturing business in Ottawa. They will take care of everything from taking the precise measurements to installation, they make it a breeze. This way your home has added protection from drafts and cold as well as not letting any hot humid air in on our hot summer days.

If you don’t need new windows, that’s a bonus and added savings in your pocket. It would be nice to get new shades or blinds or even curtains. The ones previous owners left behind may not be to your liking and of course in newly constructed homes or condo units you’ll have to put in window treatments. It adds your finishing touch to your space, and of course your privacy.

If you found these tips to be helpful please share with your family and friends. As always if you’re looking for a painting contractor give us a call or email. Till the next time