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If you are planning on tackling some DIY painting on the weekend or sometime soon getting everything prepared ahead of time can make everything go much more faster and easier.

Here are a few tips to help you get started in the planning
paint roller with blue paint painting wall by PG Paint & Design Ottawa House Painters
To help you achieve the best possible results we share a few of our painting tips .

Tip 1

Start by deciding on whether you are going to tackle the interior or the exterior. Both are going to be big endeavors that can take up a lot of your time and energy.  If the project is just a room or two it may get finished in a weekend, but if you are looking to paint the entire interior then it will take you several weekends, or you can call on professional painters in Ottawa.

To help you along the way you can follow these tips for interior house painting and these tips will help you maintain the exterior.

Tip 2

Determine whether you will paint only the walls, or will the ceilings, baseboards and trim be painted as well.  You will want to calculate the square footage of each room that will be painted so that you can estimate how much paint to buy .

Tip 3

You will also want to decide on what type of paint sheen or paint finish you will want to use for any of the painting after you have selected the paint colours.
paint colour samples for interior painting by PG Paint & Design painters in Ottawa

Tip 4

Buying a good quality paint primer will make all the difference and of course you will want to use the best paint finish for the kitchen and bathroom areas as they are more prone to high levels of humidity where paint can prove difficult if not properly applied.

Tip 5

It happens to the best of us. Paint drips on the hands and arms while using a paint brush or roller.  A paint gallon can spill onto the floor or carpet and you will have a splash of colour where you really did not want to.

These tips on how to prepare the painting area should be helpful to make sure you have everything covered.  At the end of your DIY Painting project, we’re pretty sure you will want to know how to remove paint. 🙂

Tip 6

Preparation is key to painting success.  From clearing the room, removing all electrical outlet covers to what kind of painters tape to use, the more you prepare a room for painting the easier the entire DIY project will proceed.

Tip 7

When tackling a DIY home painting project ask what the purpose of re-painting either the interior or exterior is.  Are you starting this project as a simple touch up or complete repainting . Often times homeowners will question how often do i need to paint the interior or exterior.

Lack of not knowing how to choose the right paint may result in problems such as peeling or sticking paint, and or cracking or flaking paint.  To avoid these headaches it is a good idea to inform oneself of the paint problems and solutions.  Power is knowledge, so the more you know the better your end result will be.

Tip 8

From the choice of which colour to go with, to the cost and how much you will need without buying to much extra, because it is non-refundable once purchased.  These tips for buying paint are helpful and useful as a guide.

If the DIY Painting does not appeal to you then definitely look into finding and contacting a that can do it for you.

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