Painting the house before listing it for sale is a good investment as it can help you get the asking price and help you sell it faster.  Painting the interior and exterior is a cost effective way to give your home an updated look, makes your home look well maintained and stand out to attract potential buyers.welcome home sign by PG PAINT & DESIGN

Update Your Home Before Selling With Paint

The attachment to a house makes it difficult to sell your home as the memories, special moments and sentiments become so dear to our hearts.  Maybe because it was the first home ever purchased, or its the house you moved into to raise a family, it’s the home where many family gatherings were held and many memories created.  It is for these special and personal reasons that makes a house a home.

We all tend to personalize our spaces with our own personality from the paint colours  we choose for either an accent/focal wall or updating the decor.  The art work we hang on the walls, the toys left lying on the floor are what makes every home comfort and cozy.

Every room is defined by our personality the colours of the interior painting that are chosen for every room help to personalize each space.  To help make things easier and take one thing off your moving in to-do list, hire the painting services of expert painters in Ottawa you can trust to help you get your new house painted effortlessly.

a couple in front of their new house in Ottawa freshly painted interior by PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa painters

Getting a house ready for the real estate market by painting it is a good investment as it helps to sell it faster especially if the neutral paint palettes are used.  They are always a safe bet as they are soothing, warm and welcoming colours that new home buyers will find attractive and be able to easily envision themselves living in that space.  You want your home to stand out from all the rest that are currently listed so that potential buyers are more attracted to yours rather than the other.

Invest in hiring a painting company in Ottawa to get started on that fresh coat of paint that will add curb appeal, and helps get it sold faster.

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This post was originally published on October 15, 2019 and edited on April 10, 2020