When houses are built it is most economical for the builders to spray stipple on the ceiling.

stipple ceiling sample

Most homeowners would never choose to actually have stipple ceilings also known as popcorn or textured ceiling sprayed in a new house. If you are just building you may have the option to not have it sprayed from the get go.

While most of us continue to have to look at the ceiling that builders sprayed stipple on because it was the fastest way and least expensive way to cover the ceiling, there are options. Here is where you call a painting company in Ottawa with the experience to necessary to bring your ceiling to a smooth finish.

textured ceiling sample

popcorn ceiling sample

A smooth finished ceiling with a fresh coat of paint becomes the new fifth wall in any room. It can be adorned with different paint colours rather than just white.

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Affordable Stipple Ceiling Repairs

PG PAINT & DESIGN – Ottawa Painters provide the service of removing the stipple ceiling, smoothing the surface of the drywall and repainting.

Along with the removal of stipple from ceilings, we also provide affordable ceiling patching and repair to stipple or textured ceilings where damage has occurred.

cracked or peeling paint on a ceiling

The above photo shows damage to the stipple ceiling. This will require drywall repair and re-stipple or we can remove the stipple/popcorn ceiling entirely to give you a flat finished ceiling.  A couple of fresh coats of paint to bring everything back to a normal state. See our tips and procedures on how to paint over water stains.

smooth ceiling after stipple removal by PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa House Painters

After removal of the stipple on the ceiling we then prepare the surface by ensuring any and all patching is done and then is sanded. If there is no stipple remaining on the ceiling we ensure a smooth surface before painting by giving the entire ceiling a complete sanding.

ceilings stipple removal and painting by PG PAINT & DESIGN painters in Ottawa

This photo shows before and after of ceilings that had stipple removed, repainted and the difference between a ceiling that has not been painted for many years to what a difference a coat of paint makes.

PG PAINT & DESIGN is a painting company in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Along with our  interior house painting services and exterior house painting services.

Our 30 years experience in the painting business and drywall repair  gives us the pride and confidence in being your local (near you) and independently owned painting contractor.

We specialize in personalizing your experience, by ensuring you receive only quality painting services.

We strive to provide our clients with 100% complete satisfaction.

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