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The quality of paint you use in any painting project really does matter.  It’s durability, the ease of application and coverage it provides makes for the best end result.  It is not necessarily cheaper, faster or easier to go with less quality types of paint products or some of those that are two in ones.  Here are a few tips on making sure you make the right choice for your next project.

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Paint Products

Every paint brand manufacturer has a selection of colours from here to infinity.  Choosing a colour can become overwhelming but eventually a choice is made.

Once the decision about the colour has been finalized, your next choice needs to be about what type of paint finish you want on the walls.  From no shine to mirror like finish the paint sheen you select will make the difference of how much reflection you will get from the paint.

Little to no shine paints like flat or matte are ideal for painting bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms as these areas have low traffic.  Unlike rooms like the family room, kitchen or bath that need paints that can withstand more moisture and humidity levels.

The lower sheen paints do the best job of concealing any flaws and drywall imperfections especially in older homes where the drywall was fabricated differently than it is today.  A flat or matte paint finish is a little fussier than the higher sheen paints in respect to its wash-ability factor.

Although easy to clean you cannot use any product on it or scrub to hard, as these types of finishes will show the streak of where you cleaned it.  You will also notice that the paint will rub off and discolour onto the cloth leaving a noticeable difference on the walls.damage interior paint on walls from washing on flat paint finish

Using an Eggshell paint finish or the satin is a little bit more resistant to the washing and or scrubbing.  It is easily cleaned with a damp cloth, light rubbing and can even withstand some dish soap.  Eggshell or Satin are the most commonly used finishes in most painting projects.

The semi-gloss or high gloss paint sheens give off more reflection of light going from a simple shine to almost mirror like in the high gloss.  Painting with the higher gloss finishes will show any and all of the imperfections as well as the way the light reflects .  They are extremely durable and can withstand washing and scrubbing with extra elbow grease.

The semi-gloss is commonly used on the wood trim such as baseboards, window and door frames and crown molding.

Painting kitchens and bathrooms is best done with an eggshell or semi-gloss finish, but be sure to use a paint formula specific to mold and mildew resistance as these areas have higher concentration of humidity and moisture.  The Benjamin Moore Aura Bath & Spa Paint  is one that we as painters in Ottawa use.

Choosing Paints

Choosing the best paints for your interior or exterior painting will make all the difference for quality and professional looking results.  If you do your own DIY Painting we hope these tips are helpful.

If you do not want to tackle it on your own and need the services of a professional painting company in Ottawa we look forward to hearing from you.


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This post was originally published April 13, 2015 and updated on August 17, 2019