High Quality Paint Products Makes All The Difference When Painting Your Home

Choose the paint colours from here to infinity. Any paint fan deck from Benjamin Moore Paint Products has a vast array of colour choices. PG Paint & Design your Local Ottawa House Painters, independently owned and operated has been in painting business for over 30 years. We believe that our success has been greatly part of the satisfied clients, our reputation for perfectionism and the use of high quality paints, such as Benjamin Moore.

We believe the paint quality really does matter. You may be convinced to buy them all in one types of paints, believing that will complete your home painting project faster, easier and least expensively. Not necessarily so.

shows a Paint Color Consultant sitting and analyzing colour charts for a house painting project
For all your interior and exterior home painting, there are many beautiful paint colours and products to choose from at any Benjamin Moore Location in the Ottawa Area.

We work with many of the lines in the Benjamin Moore Paints because we believe in the product. We trust it to be the best to apply in your home or office. It’s durability, ease of application and coverage, makes for the most professional paint job. It’s an easy paint for washing away scuff marks, crayons etc. It’s the best to use in any painting of your house.

We believe in the product and we use it in our home as well. Once clients see the amazing paint colour choices available, and how they look once applied it makes them feel more at ease with their final decision in their own home. Take a peek at the list of painting products we use although we primarily use the Benjamin Moore Products we have used the other paint products as well. If customers prefer one paint product over another than the customer is always right. 🙂

many lines of Benjamin Moore paints

Benjamin Moore Paints offers an array of Low to NO VOC paint products. Safe to use in your home and safe for the environment. Benjamin Moore Paints has been around since 1883, with a small business venture from one of the Moore Brothers, Benjamin who developed one of the first wall coatings as referred to back then. He called it Calsom Finish. Nine years later he refined that original Calsom Finish and introduced Muresco – which was unique for that period of time. It was used for wall and ceiling finishes.

Through the years they’ve continued to innovate and introduce new and better products of which we’ve all come to know today. They’re paint products are so many now and of high quality LOW or NO VOC like the Natura Line , environmentally friendly and safe for anyone. You can trust Benjamin Moore’s green promise to be environmentally safe.

We’ve often used the higher end products of Benjamin Moore as per clients request and they cannot believe that we were even in there painting. There is no odor, no fumes and no eye stinging. It’s a safe product to use and we really enjoy working with such a premium product line.
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