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Finding a professional local painter can be difficult. There is so much on the internet these days not sure if you’ve noticed, but we went from about 20 really professional and reliable painting businesses and painting contractors who were listed in the yellow pages to now there being over a 100 of them online all in the Ottawa area.

This makes it a very difficult and daunting task I’d imagine for a homeowner. Where does one begin?

Sadly there’s always the fly by night painters who simply believe that they can get hired because they own a paintbrush, a paint roller and a ladder. Many have no concept of what a true professional painter is. Because of their inexperience more often then not it will leave the homeowner with a horrible experience and the assumption that all painters are the same. UH UH No Way… The sad part is there are so many listings online now cause it’s easy, cheap and even free to start a website and slap some pictures on there (even pictures of beautifully decorated hotel rooms that lead you to believe that individual painted the room). OH BOY! right? Anyway, that could be another blog story for another time. 🙂

Along with the fly by night so professed painters, here today gone tomorrow, we also have the U.S. owned franchises, and painters coming from everywhere like Montreal, Toronto etc. It’s a really hard task for the homeowner to figure which one to choose. Everyone has a claim on being a pro painter, master painters and best painting company in Ottawa.

Unfortunately for the homeowner in most situations when hiring an unprofessional it’s usually too late. The painter has already done the damage such as missed corners, or paint drippings or splashed on the floors or furniture. When finding and or hiring a professional local house painter/painting contractor it is imperative that you have a list of things you are looking for from that painting contractor/painter. As a homeowner, condo owner or even as a renter you want to ensure you take the necessary steps before you hire. Failure to do so, results in lost time for you, lost money, and most of all an unhappy and unsatisfied experience.

Let’s start with a few tips below and help you avoid those frustrations as you start your google search, to find and select a true professional painter in the overloaded myriad of listings of local painters available in the Ottawa area.

What’s the best way to find local painters?

Some might say the best place to begin looking for local painters is online or by asking a neighbor, friend, co-worker or family member for a referral. Finding a local house painter online gives you the opportunity to visit their website, find out more about the painter(s) and see their original work. It also gives you the opportunity to visit their photo gallery and read true client reviews and or testimonials   Professional painters own a website where testimonials are made by actual clients in their own words and not found on other sites like Homestars or Homeadvisors where the business owner pays to be a featured business with all the ***** ratings.

If you look closely as well, some of the reviews on those websites you will see that there are way too many perfectly worded with exact keyword phrases (so they come up better in searches when you type in the keywords) you will also notice that there are anywhere between 10 to even 20 reviews posted all on the same day…. yup that’s the business inputting their own testimonial. The more of them they have (exact keyword matching for search engines) the more in your face they are going to be when you do a local house painter search. In fact, CBC Marketplace had done some research into the scary world of fake and paid for online reviews for businesses. Watch this consumer report about online reviews

Typically when you begin your search for a local professional house painter a number of results will be revealed and it’s the perfect start to connecting and finding. Don’t always stop at page 1 of your search though. Sometimes page 2 of the search holds some good info as well. Remember to write down or bookmark the sites of the painting companies you find most impressive after reading their website pages. Once you have found 3 or 4 simply go back to their websites contact them. Give them a call or send them an email.

Preparing for the painting cost estimate

When you’ve selected your 3 to 4 paint contractors or maybe you find just that one painter who really impressed you by their website and honest reviews it’s a great idea if you have an itemized list of all aspects of your painting project. It can include which rooms you will want to have painted, if the ceiling, trim and baseboards are to be painted, if any of the doors and frames need painting, and any other specific details you need addressed before the painter visits your home for your painting estimate.

A professional painter will do a walk through with you and go through your list as well will ensure other things are addressed such as imperfections, holes or cracks in the drywall that need to be repaired. For a sample of professional painting services A good painter will also be able to help you with choosing a paint color and or paint finishes choices. A painting contractor should also be able to best advise you on which brand and or paint colors can bring the most value to you, and should also advise you that specific brands are best quality and different finishes affect the cost of paint per can and entire painting job.

By having all this information you can then make an informed decision as to which local painter you choose. A detailed estimate, a home consultation and explanation of scope of work involved will help the homeowner sort through the selection process. Which brings us to the next topic of cost.

When deciding on a professional painter, the lowest bid is not necessarily always the best

simply white paint on the floor
Although it might seem obvious that we all want to save money, when it comes to painting your house there are a few things to consider.

An inexpensive painter is also an inexperienced painter. Yes they may low ball the price but they don’t fully understand the scope of the work to be done. They might start off with a particular quoted $$$ figure but as they get into it they realize they need more $$$ and you the homeowner is left wondering why? Well…. the low ball price wanted the job badly so gave you the low price. Be cautious of the lowest bid, in fact drop them off your choice list. You may have 2 or 3 more.

Which of your local painters should you give the job to?

If you need more information and are looking for Quality House Painting Tips before making your final decision. You can also ask yourself:

  • Who seemed to be the most experienced and knowledgeable in their field and in what they were talking about
  • Who were you most at ease and comfortable with both in communication and having in your home as this will be the person working in your home around your family, pets etc.
  • Who was the most courteous, respectful and understanding of what your house painting project needs are.
  • And of course which painter gave you the most attention to detail and attention to all your questions. Who explained the entire painting job to you the best.

These are a just a few considerations that will generally help you in the choosing and hiring a professional painter in your area. I hope you’ve found some of these tips helpful in guiding you through the sometimes daunting task of who to choose as your professional house painter. Till next time.
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