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Paint adds colour and brings a fresh look to any home decor, but if not applied properly it can result in a less than professional look than what you were hoping for.  Here are some of the solutions to some common issues with paint.

What Causes Paint Problems and How To Fix Them

When paint lifts and creates a blister or bubble like effect it’s usually caused by the loss of good adhesion/application of the paint to the surface, sometimes it is also caused by the lack of experience from painters.Blistered Paint on walls

Most often and most commonly this condition will lead to the paint peeling from the wall or other surface it was applied to.  If not properly taken care of it will re-occur.

Reasons Why Paint Bubbles or Peels

  • It can be caused by heat, moisture or both.  Applying Paint on a damp, dirty or hot surface (such as an exterior porch, fence or deck) after being exposed to nature’s elements
  • Application of alkyd paint product over latex paint product.  Read more about the difference between water based paints and solvent based paints .
  • Insufficient and improper surface prep .
  • Extreme moisture, such as in bathrooms, where there is no fan or window to be opened to let out some of the hot water moisture.

How to Prevent Paint Bubbling or Peeling

  • Prepare the surface where the paint is to be applied by ensuring it is clean and dry and free from moisture.  When exterior staining or painting  a deck or fence ensure the proper timing considerations are taken into account.   By this we mean, make sure the wood is dry and free of moisture.  So if it has rained for a few days, you should wait at least 2 to 3 days to make sure the sun and heat have dried up the exterior wood before any paint is applied.
  • A paint primer or sealer is also a perfect product to apply onto wood, over stains
  • Following these interior painting tips will ensure that any drywall joint compound is properly sanded, wiped and primed with a latex paint or primer.

Tips on How to Fix Problems With Paint

Problems with paint happen, they are common. Don’t despair if you come across some of them.
Moisture and extreme temperatures are often the culprits for paint bubbling,  cracking or flaking and something as easy as allowing enough time for the paint to dry will prevent it from peeling or sticking.

It’s also important to note that using a quality paint primer will make all the difference for the best adhesion and coverage of the paint you use.  Interior and Exterior Stains from Benjamin Moore are great products to use.

drywall repairs from peeling paint before interior painting to avoid peeling or blistering paint

When all else fails, you can always find the best painters to help advise you on those troublesome issues.

Our painting services for both interior and exterior painting include advice and consultation on what best paint product to use and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction.  Read testimonials and reviews from clients who have had painting services in their homes.

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