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Remember the feelings that you get when you gaze upon certain colours? Really, certain colours transports us to beautiful, inspiring, feelings without truly understanding why we feel the way we do when we are in present of our favorite colours. We tend to say “that is my favorite colour” “I love that colour”.

Although we would all as unique beings like to choose to paint our homes with that particular, favorite colour. We still need to consider many aspects of our homes for that perfect match made in heaven. That’s when PG PAINT & DESIGN house paint colour consultation services for Ottawa residents can assist. Let us briefly explain why you may need to consult with a colour consultant in Ottawa:

When different colours are combined, they arise different feelings. Perhaps selecting your favorite colour may seem ideal when painting the living room walls. However, what about the colour theme of your furniture? What colour are they? How about the colours of your staircase or entrance of your home? What we are trying to enlighten you with is the fact that choosing colours can be confusing when you need to consider many aspects which makes a perfect colour theme, harmonized for your tastes and home.

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Trends May Change, But Your Favorite Colour Never

There is nothing worse than finalizing painting of a house just to realize “hey, these colours are definitely not what I was looking to achieve.”.

PG PAINT & DESIGN Professional Ottawa Painters with over 30 years of experience in the house painting industry and keen eye for detail can suggest paint colours for every room in your house. The results will speak for itself.

red paint on focal wall of kitchen in Dovercourt area inside a house painted by PG PAINT & DESIGN

Choosing a Paint Colour

You fall in love with that gorgeous paint colour a friend has in their house, or you see a gorgeous picture online or in a magazine that you dream would be perfect in your home.

Now you start making your plans by planning out a colour scheme and choosing paint colours. However, this can be daunting as every paint product manufacturers have their own wide selection of colours. From dark to light shades and everything in between.

We’ve put together a couple of ideas that explain the power of choosing paint colours, understanding how colour combinations work, and how they affect our mood and understanding the psychology behind why we choose either a green or blue, a red or a yellow.

We all have our favourites and your individual selection may not be the same as someone else’s and that’s ok. It’s about being “Unique”. Each of us are unique so why shouldn’t our paint colours be more about us too.

exterior house painting of brick wall painted in red paint colour

​Our colour choices are personal and as unique as we are. When we choose them it’s because they best describe our personalities.

Paint Colour and Paint Finishes

Paint Sheen is another word for how shiny the paint will look when applied to the walls. Paint Finish refers to the durability and ease of care of the paint.

Knowing the difference between the paint sheen and finishes is a choice to be made depending on the room. For example the best sheen to use in a kitchen or bathroom would be a semigloss as it is more durable in these rooms with higher humidity levels.

Contact Us for Painting & Colour Consultation

Our job has always been to assist our valued clients, answer their questions about house painting and assist in selecting colours.  We do not offer consultations on an hourly rate basis, nor as a separate service.  If you are looking to have paint and decor consultations before beginning a painting project you would need to hire an interior designer to help you decorate.

We only offer suggestions for ideas on paint colours after our painting services have been hired.  Let our many years of experience also assist you in deciding the best colouring of your next home painting projects.

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