How Often Do I Need To Paint

Homeowners wonder how often should they get any house painting done.


The frequency varies. Although the interior would mostly be based on a personal choice to update the decor while the exterior is important for maintenance reasons.

We recommend  how often the interior and or exterior painting should be done with the following tips.

Interior Painting

Sometimes it’s a simple update to change the colour to a more trending and modern look. Other times you may be noticing issues with the paint cracking or peeling, blistering bubbles or cracks.  How often you paint the interior is dependent on a few of factors as listed below.

update the home decor of house or condo with paint


Problems with paint are common and easy to fix. Ensuring the best paint adhesion is the first step to preparing the walls. Repairing and patching any holes, nail pops or cracks in the drywall before applying any paint are a key factor to ensuring a smooth application and finished look.

Apart from the paint problems previously mentioned, it is normal and common for cracks to joints in the drywall or wooden baseboards and trim to occur.

These happen because the house shifts and settles. Those cracks and creeks you hear are just your home saying, i’m getting used to this location. 🙂

If you’ve recently constructed a new home, you can most certainly expect plenty of nail pops, cracks in the ceiling joints, and drywall joints as the house begins to settle over the first 5 years. They become less evident after that 5 year mark.

Other than the structural issues that should be attended to when you are thinking of getting any repainting done, the other reason is simply a cosmetic one.
White Paint Colours for house painting
Paint colours change all the time. Manufacturers are always coming up with new shades and hues. There’s the popular trending ones, the dark and light neutrals,  and the whites that update the look to any home decor. Here’s a helpful guide to help you with paint colour samples.

The frequency of painting and decorating your home’s interior is a personal one after all the structural issues have been addressed.

How Often Should The Interior Be Painted

Today’s paint products are made to last. Their special formulations are created to be environmentally safe and their durability and quality is of high standards.

Assuming all the proper prep-work has been done then it would just be a matter of normal wear and tear. Some rooms take more of a beating than others.

Sometimes damage to the paint on the walls is easily fixed with a touch up while if the damage requires more repairs then we would recommend a complete repainting.

In conclusion, if your home is newly built and you notice a lot of cracks or holes from the resettling after the first 3-5 years then we would recommend to have the painting done at least after the 3 year mark from move in date.

If it is simply to change the decor of your home and it is a cosmetic decision than every 5 years is a great starting point to start planning on professional painting

When hiring a painting company to paint the interior of your home, make sure to hire one that provides the expertise, knowledge and experience. Ensuring they provide the best interior painting services reassures you will get the perfect end result.

exterior painting of ottawa area home

Exterior Painting

How often  painting the exterior of your house is dependent on a couple of factors. Apart from being a good maintenance practice every three to five years. It will without doubt add value to the property especially if you have decided to list in the real estate market.

How Often Should The Exterior Be Painted

How often the exterior is painted depends on a couple of factors. If it’s been more than 10 years since the last time any of the exterior of your home has been painted then we would definitely recommend it be done.


replacing wood around exterior windows of house and painting after repair by PG PAINT & DESIGN painters in Ottawa

Sometimes problems arise like the paint starts to peel. There are reasons why paint peels and the most common one is the environment.

It’s good practice each spring and every fall to go through your home’s maintenance list to make sure everything is in optimal condition.

Sometimes a quick change of colour to the front door can change things up dramatically.

When you are ready to hire a painting company to paint the exterior of your home make sure you hire the right one that provides all the exterior painting services for a complete and professional look that will add the curb appeal to your home’s exterior and provides quality work.


exterior painting of front doors painted by PG PAINT & DESIGN Professional House Painters in Ottawa

Should I Paint The House Often

The decision as to how often should I paint is to be based on good maintenance practices and great home decor. Research has it that painting the interior and or exterior of a house before selling it can help push the decision of the buyer in your favor. Research also shows that our personalities are part of the physcology of colours we choose.

It’s great to change things up every few years. A new paint colour creates a fresh new atmosphere and of course it’s simple good home maintenance.

Professional painters will recommend the frequency of maintaining the paint quality of your home. The have the knowledge and experience to recommend things like the right paint, estimating how much paint will be required, offer you advice on buying paint and what type of  primer, finish or sheen to be used. Knowing the simple things like how natural or artificial lighting affects the way a colour shows inside or outside of the home, along with other painting tips and advice.

Professional house painters will have all the recommendations needed to make sure your home has all the TLC that makes it the envy of your neighborhood.

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