Why Bother Painting My House Anyway You Ask?

Many people ask the question why should I bother painting my house anyway? There are many good reasons, perhaps paint is outdated, or, you just moved in to your home and require fresh start. Or even if you are thinking of selling your home, new paint will do wonders. As many of us are well aware, if you are listing your home for sale it helps to have it all painted in Neutral Paint Colours.

Most buyers who come into the home that they are wanting to buy, don’t want to envision having work done after the purchase. We live in a world of I want it now and I want it to move in ready.

You have been looking and looking for the biggest purchase of your lifetime, your home. When you finally find that perfect one, more than likely it was staged properly, fully upgraded and updated and a fresh coat of neutral paint colours was applied before the house was put up for sale.

Although we all have our favourite colours in the home we presently live in, we have to see it from the buyers view, and it’s not easy to understand why they wouldn’t like the colours we already have. Painting a Neutral Paint Colour is easy on the eye, and makes it easy for a buyer to envision themselves along with their belongings settling into their own new home almost immediately.

If you’re looking to give the interior of your home a fresh look or a complete new look with paint then you’ll be better able to answer the question “Why should I bother painting my house anyway?”
Pino owner of PG PAINT & DESIGN painting interior of house in Ontario Ottawa
BEFORE: Why should I paint? It looks fine, I already had paint done 10 years ago, the paint colour still looks OK?

AFTER: Improves the overall appearance of your home and or space. No better feeling than pulling the shoulders back and proudly showing off your freshly painted house. Of course, you can also show off the fact that you chose the awesome paint colour(s). Painting your house makes it feel clean and fresh, attractive and up to date, gives you that “feels like new” feeling every time you walk in. Now there’s the perfect answer to that question again: “Why should I bother painting my house?”

We at PG Paint & Design can help you move into your new home, or sell your home if you are moving, or just upgrade/update the paint colour schemes. It all starts with your phone call to us or email, we schedule an in-home Paint Colour Consultation and estimate.

We meet on a one-to-one personal basis with you to discuss the painting services to be done. We explain in full, all details of the work that will be carried out such as if there are holes and cracks in the walls or ceilings, we will patch, sand and prime before any paint colour is applied. We also explain to the homeowner the care that will be put into place by us to protect their homes belongings, such as the furniture, carpet, drapes are all protected before the painting job is started everything is covered to ensure no debris is left behind. If we do any patching it’s followed by sanding and inevitably dust, but with the professional services of PG Paint & Design-Ottawa House Painters, you need not worry, we will not leave your home in an upheaval.

We ensure all debris and dust created is completely removed, we will vacuum, sweep, mop up as necessary. We work in your home almost inconspicuously, we’ve been trusted by you in your home and we believe that if we are working in your home it’s like working in our own. Therefore we take the steps to ensure your day, home, routines are not thrown off because we’re in your house painting. We work with you to arrange all the timing, and we work with one area at a time so as to ensure there is no disruption when you return from your workday. If it’s just the one room in a day situation, it’s easy enough to not even notice that we’ve been in there. If there’s several days of work required because of a bigger project, then at the end of each day we ensure complete cleanup, gather up all our materials and leave your home in a clean and livable state for when we return the next day.

We thoroughly ask the questions, such as do you want the trim painted, and or the ceiling? We ensure all details of the painting project are discussed at our first meeting this way there are no surprises at the end for either party. We also encourage the homeowner to ask all questions that may concern them, ask us for referrals, written estimates.

In closing, A professionally done Interior House Painting will totally transform a home. As a painter, one of the greatest reasons that I love what I do is upon completion of a paint project I enjoy seeing how happy the homeowner is. There’s no greater pride as a house painter than to know you’ve left your clients happy and satisfied with the work done.

Painting increases the value of a home. We’ve often had clients call us back to thank us for the painting work as their home sold shortly after the work was done. Many times an appraisal after the painting is for a higher value than it was previous to the work. If there is a vacant home that has been on the market for a long time with no offers, a fresh coat of paint almost always sells the home sooner.

Hope to meet with you soon to work on that painting of your home, room, condo, apartment, loft, house or office. For ideas on home decorating, ideas for choosing paint colours, DIY creativity and more, simply contact PG PAINT & DESIGN Professional House Painters in Ottawa