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Homeowners preparing to sell their homes may be questioning whether they should be painting before listing the house for sale.  To make the best impression on a potential new home buyer a freshly painted house comes in as one of the most important things on their move in to do list.

Without a doubt the extra bells and whistles such as new appliances, granite counter-tops will be attractive, but if the seller can alleviate the headache for the new buyer it will not only give you a high return on your investment but will attract the new buyers  more easily and help you sell it faster.

Investing in painting before selling is the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to get your house staged and ready for the real estate market and if you find yourself asking does painting the house help to sell it consider the following tips from Ottawa painters useful when planning to list your home for sale.

house painting can help sell it faster in Ottawa

Painting The House For Sale

Most first time home buyers look for the move in ready homes such as the newly constructed ones because they are move in ready.  In spite of newly built homes enticing new buyers with the latest upgrades like hardwood flooring, new appliances and the trending paint colours, why not make your house look new with a fresh paint colour in any room so that it has the impact to help get it sold.

Painting the interior and exterior of your house does increase its market resale value and will give it the upgrade to have potential buyers purchase your freshly painted home over another in the neighborhood.  If you are planning to list and sell your home in the Ottawa real estate market know that painting before buying or selling is a good investment.

As one of the many big decisions that home sellers need to make, deciding on whether it is a good investment to paint before selling is one that many do not believe will make a difference.  Some believe that it would be too expensive to paint and then put up the for sale sign, when in actual fact painting is relatively inexpensive when you factor in the higher price and faster sale of your property.

In comparison the cost of painting with the potential to achieve a higher ROI – return on investment should make it more appealing when deciding is it worth painting my house before selling.  Some reports show that painting the interior can increase the property value by 107% on average, and at least a 55% return on investment for exterior painting.  Lets just say for example purposes if you paid $950.00 to paint a few rooms it would increase the offer and value to your home up to $1,966.00, easily adding an extra $1,016.00 in your pocket.

Interior Painting Ideas To Help Sell Your House

Paint colours can have a huge impact on how prospective buyers visualize themselves living in the home once purchased.  The can envision themselves settling into the living room once they have moved in and personalizing it with their own personality.   Make the best first impression to a potential buyer right from the start with a neutral paint colour in the hallway entrance.  You want the potential buyers to feel comfortable and right at home from the moment they walk through the front door.

Picking the perfect shade of gray or any one of the popular and trending colours for living rooms , bedrooms, dining rooms or open concept spaces, is sure to impress any home buyer and persuade them to buying your home.

What is important to note is that over the years we make our house a home by some of the paint colours we choose to decorate with, but we have to be mindful that the reflection of our character and personality may not be what the buyer is looking for.  Therefore it is advisable to neutralize the spaces with fresh and inviting colours, yet subtle to promote calmness, and comfy cozy.  Neutral shades are always a safer choice as new home buyers are looking for clean simple paint colour palettes like neutral greens, grays, blues.  Simple whites are fresh and clean and adds more light to a space, while bold colours can add an accent to any wall, and some paint colours can help make a smaller room to look larger.

Invite the prospective buyer in and give them an immediate sense of feeling like they are already home. Refresh the interior of your house by painting and see how your next open house goes.

shows painting exterior windows in white paint and red door with brick on house in Ottawa Rockcliffe area by painters PG PAIINT & DESIGN

Exterior Painting Ideas To Help Sell Your House

The perfect curb appeal for a potential home buyer begins when they drive up the driveway as the attractive curb appeal begins with a well maintained driveway or walkway, landscaping and good exterior painting maintenance.  Follow a simple colour palette and aim for colours that blend well with either your brick or aluminum siding, or if you want to add a punch of colour  try painting a bright red, deep teal dark blue or black on your front door to make a bold statement, then keep the rest in of the house in mind with a subtle mix of colour to match or highlight the colour of the door.  It is recommended to not use more than three colours when painting the exterior of a home.

By alleviating just one of the things on a new home buyers to do before moving in list, as they will appreciate not having to search to hire a painting company before or after moving, making it more likely for you to get the best offer and have it sold.  Invest in your home and consider repainting before selling or buying.  Find the right painting contractor near you to get an estimate and quote.

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This post was originally published on Aug 13, 2017 and edited on April 09, 2020