How to Prevent Paint Blocking and Sticking

So let’s just say you DIY Painted your front entrance/foyer area or that window in the living room.

paint blocking on a door photo courtesy of the paint quality institute from the Benjamin Moore website

Firstly, Good for you for getting it done. After you finished applying that final coat of paint, did you close the front door right into the freshly painted door frame? Or close the window right after you thought you were done painting or because it started to get windy or started raining?

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Holy Brush Strokes 🙂  You now have a sticky situation

Paint blocking, sticking or peeling happens because two freshly painted surfaces meet and are pressed or put together. Once you separate them (or open the door or window) what happens is you will have paint now transferred onto either the unpainted or the different colour you applied to your door has transferred to the door frame, or vice-versa. You may also see the paint actually peel.

Why does Paint Peeling, Sticking, Transferring happen?

Most often times it’s because there has not been enough time given for the paint to completely dry before closing the doors or windows. Another reason could be that low quality semi gloss or gloss paint(s) have been used.

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How to Prevent Paint from Sticking, Transferring or Peeling

You can prevent paint from sticking or transferring to another surface by ensuring you use quality paint products from Benjamin Moore Paints. Read all labels and directions carefully, and ensure enough time is allowed for either interior or exterior painting to dry before closing the windows and doors. Or you can hire a professional house painting contractor in the Ottawa Area.

Expert Painters  know that there are steps to be taken to ensure a quality interior or exterior paint job is completed to 100% customer satisfaction. With years of experience comes the knowledge of using quality paint products, ensuring that the painting of the door is done first and then the door frame or window frame, and that enough time is given for both to dry before sealing them closed. There are also little tricks of the trade that only a truly experienced house painter would know. Let us share some of them so that you can give them a try for yourself.

  1. Before you start painting, ensure all loose paint is scraped off
  2. Completely sand the surface(s) especially if you have a glossy paint already, you should sand it down to a dull look before any paint is applied
  3. Wipe and clean the door frame and front door or window frame. Give it time to air dry (just a few minutes with a wet sponge/cloth)
  4. Prime as needed, and ensure you read the instructions/details on the paint can in regards to drying time.

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