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You have decided you want to do a home decor update by painting the interior but you are having a hard time deciding whether you should do it yourself or hire a professional painter to do it for you.

Weighing in on all the pros and cons of doing it yourself or finding the best painting contractor are good reasons to give everything some thought.  We explain some of those reasons as to why you should hire a qualified painter so that when you begin your search in your local area you will have the information you need to find the best painters to do the job.hire a professional painters to get best painting company in Ottawa results

Reasons To Hire Professional Painters

There are times where because of budget constraints you believe you cannot afford yourself the luxury of hiring a painting company.  It may surprise you to know that hiring professional painters is not as expensive as you may think.  Attempting to DIY it can lead to it costing your more.  By the time you buy the paint,  and all tools, supplies and materials, get things ready for you to get started to even prepare the room for painting you might be feeling exhausted and want to give up.  Here are the top reasons you should hire a qualified painter.

Reason 1 –  Experience and Knowledge – professional painters bring you years of experience and knowledge in the painting industry.  Good painters will know how to help you choose paint colours, paint finishes, and paint primers, they will do the necessary prep work required before any painting begins.  They will ensure all the necessary tools and materials including the paint are included in the estimate and quote , along with making sure all the precautionary steps to make sure all furniture, and other belongings are well covered and protected.

Reason 2Safety – although painting might seem like an easy DIYer project, taking safety precautions is very important.  That is why if you hire a qualified painter they will bring in their own ladders, short ones, tall ones and anything in between so that the highest corner in any room can be reached safely, that can prove to be challenging for a homeowner without the right equipment.

They will also make sure the job is done safely by bringing ladders or other equipment to reach high places that you may not have, and would be challenging to reach on your own.

Reason 3Attention to Detail – details are everything for an expert painter, that is where the best ones shine.  The way professional and experienced painters can cut a straight line in any corner without using painters tape, is something to be envied.  They make sure not to get paint on the glass of any windows, they don’t have overlapping paint from the ceiling onto the walls or vice versa, they won’t have paint splatter onto your floors or furniture.  The attention to detail in their painting services  is what sets a really good painter apart from all the rest.

Reason 4 –  Time Savers – Instead of a homeowner taking up a couple of days or weeks to complete an interior painting project hiring a painting company frees you of your time to do things that are most important to you.  What might take a diyer a week or two to finish painting, an expert painter can take 3-4 days.  They have years of practice in painting and are able to get the paint job done efficiently.

    Reason 5Quality Products – when hiring a painting company you will have the advantage of knowing that they use the best quality paints for any room, and because they always buy in bulk, they will get a discount when buying the paint whereas the same discounts are not passed on to the consumer.  They will have the knowledge to help guide you when choosing paint colours, from knowing the perfect shade, to the best finish and explaining how lighting can affect the final colour result is all included in your painting quote.

      Tips On How To Find Professional Painting Companies

      When it comes to choosing a professional house painter to work with you, you want to be sure you get the quality and guaranteed work you as a homeowner deserve.  Knowing you have made the right choice is sure to give you that peace of mind.  Here are a few tips to help you find a painting company in Ottawa.
      find a professional painting company in Ottawa for best painters results

      TIP 1 – Head over to Google and search for find a painter near you, you will end up with hundreds of results.  Break down your choices by reading some of the reviews they have.
      Check out their , look at their photos for samples of their work.  Read about others personal experience by going through their past clients testimonials.

      TIP 2 – See what kind of painting services they offer.  You will want to make sure that they are knowledgeable and skilled at their profession.  See if they offer drywall repairs and stipple ceiling type services as well.  Companies that offer full complete services are usually the best to go with.  It guarantees you that they will do everything to make sure you get the best quality end results.

      TIP 3 – Getting a house painting estimate on a paper napkin or a small piece of scrap paper, doesn’t qualify as professional.  A professional painter who is representing their own painting company, will come prepared to give you a a quote to how much it will cost to paint your house or condo..

      Know What To Look For To Find Painters

      There are plenty of painting companies that claim to be professional, claim to be the best, but don’t be WOW’ed by all the hype when hiring painting contractors in Ottawa.  While many will offer online coupons or special deals, be wary of the hidden costs that may surprise you in the end.

      It’s the little things that are not always evident in those special deals like hidden costs or using cheaper products but charging the homeowner the price of expensive higher end paint products.  Can they guarantee that they will correct any paint problems such as paint bubbling, blistering, sticking, chipping, peeling or flaking.  Will they come back if you noticed a missed spot, or any other imperfections you may notice after the painters leave your home to fix it.  Customer satisfaction should be any painting companies priority.

      The vast expert knowledge and experience most professional painters have is invaluable. They offer tips and advice on things like how often you should paint in order to help maintain the interior and exterior of your house.  Read more on what to look for when you are hiring a painting company in Ottawa.

      What’s important to remember is that a meet and greet with any home service company is the perfect opportunity to ask any questions, and get to know the person who will be working in your home and around your family.

      Hire A Professional Painter

      Painting the interior and exterior ensures you are maintaining your home and gives you that extra boost of curb appeal to make your home the envy of your neighbors.  It is easy in today’s online world to get instant estimates and quotes, but be mindful that these are more guess estimates rather than precise pricing.  Without a painter being able to view the property, he cannot fairly give you a firm price.

      There are many factors that are taken into consideration when pricing a job for painting.  Things like is there drywall repairs and patching required,  if the walls only will be painted, are the ceilings, doors, baseboards included in what you are looking to get done, the amount of colours you want in your home.  These are all factors that a painter needs to consider when pricing out a painting job.

      Although your goal may be to having the colour changed in every room or simply giving it a repaint with a neutral to raise the value and help to selling it faster, whichever the reason to give your space an update and you don’t want to buy all the tools, supplies and materials and put in the hours of tedious labor, then contact Ottawa painters to get set up with your home painting project.


      This post was originally published on Feb 11, 2019 and updated on Mar 20, 2020