Fresh Paint Colour Ideas for Your Home

Adding colour is the best way to give your home a fresh look.  There’s no need for major construction or renovating when a simple refresh with painting can do the trick.

It is the easiest and fastest way to a new look for your home.   A new paint colour is like that feeling one gets when opening the first window overlooking the garden in the spring or fall and that refreshing breath of air changes everything.

interior painting of kitchen with a view of a garden from inside

Painting the interior or maintaining the outside of your house with exterior painting are the first steps to enhancing the look of your home, adding curb appeal and being the envy of family, friends and neighbors.

Paint Colour Ideas For The Home

Start with painting the front door and instantly add a splash of colour to the entrance of your house.  Not only will it give you instant curb appeal, it will provide your house the TLC needed to maintain it’s beauty and of course it’s an instant claim to becoming the envy of the neighborhood.

Exterior painting provides your house with good maintenance that helps to seal the wood and protect it from the natural elements of the environment.  Knowing how often you should paint is key to great upkeep.

For ideas on choosing paint colours for the front door, the good folks at house beautiful magazine put together this great collection of front door colours.

Make that first impression by painting the hallway entrance in a light cheery colour or highlight it with a dark bold.  Choosing to paint it in any neutral paint colour is always a safe bet, but adding a pop of bold to an accent focal wall makes a statement to any room.

Dining Room and Living Rooms are the two rooms that you can add drama and flare to by painting in bold colours or soft neutrals and accentuating with dark coloured furniture or accessories.

Even the most stressful of days can melt away with popular paint colours like light blue, greens or grays in the bedroom.  Jazz up the kitchen or bathroom with colour and add spice to your everyday.  There’s a perfect shade of paint for every room in your house even for decorating those open concept spaces.

Hire The Services Of A Painting Company

Painting your house with fresh new colours not only gives it a new look but can help make any space look bigger.

If DIY painting is not on your to do list, hiring the services of a painting company to help make sure your rooms look their best is a great idea.  To find painters that can guide you with choosing the colours, the right paint finish and provide you with their insight, knowledge and experience is money well spent and a sound investment.

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