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Adding fresh new paint colours to any space in your home is the best way to give it a fresh new look and since painting is an affordable option to changing your home décor this spring why not update it by painting the interior or maintaining it’s beauty with a refresh to the exterior painting.

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If all you need are ideas and inspiration to choose the perfect paint colour to get started, your expert and friendly painters in Ottawa are here to help with that. 

Ideas For Paint Colours 

A quick way to changing the way your home décor looks is by making the decision to choose the best shade of paint colours to create the harmony in your spaces. 

From the modern and trendy shades of gray to the forever classic and traditional neutral paint colours choosing the right one can be complicated and sometimes daunting. 

Starting with the outside you can leave a lasting impression with a great curb appeal simply by painting the front door as it instantly adds a splash of colour to the appearance of your homes entrance.  Not only does it update the look along with the curb appeal but it also provides the necessary TLC to help maintain its beauty and charm. 

Homeowners can practice optimal upkeep and good maintenance by painting the outside of their homes at recommended intervals to help seal and protect any wood surfaces from the natural elements of the environment. 

Breathe new life into your interiors by painting an accent focal wall in a bold dark colour or paint in any neutral paint colour to add a pop of colour to any space.  Go ahead and be daring and add drama to any dining room and living room by painting it in a dark colour or going with any soft neutrals always brings harmony to any space.  You want to ensure that interior painting is done correctly to cover any drywall imperfections and prevent any mold or mildew buildup in high humidity areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. 

There is a perfect shade of paint colour for every room in your house from the bedroom, to living room and even those hard to decorate open concept spaces, while some popular paint colours can even help make any space look bigger, .  Whether you are DIY painting  or hiring the services of a painting company to help with your project updating the look of your home doesn’t have to cost a lot of money if you follow some budget friendly home decor tips. 

Hire The Right Painting Companies Near You 

When searching to find painters in your area look for the ones that can help guide you in making the right choice, give your the best advice on the things like what type of paint finish is needed for your project and provide you with an accurate quote and estimate. 

Choose the best painters in Ottawa that offers you honest and fair advice along with pricing.  Check out their testimonials and reviews to get a feel of that first impression other happy customers have. 

The right painting companies will give you the best advice on your painting project from start to end making it a sound investment to hire the right painting contractor. 


This post was originally published on Jan 14, 2015 and updated on 18 Dec 2021