Exterior Painting and Maintenance

The Exterior of your home is the first thing people walking past, people driving by and of course a potential new home buyer. The painting of the exteriorof your houseis good maintenance and gives it prime real estate curb appeal.

Exterior House Painting is good Maintenance for your home.

Cracking & Peeling of exterior wood is due to many environmental aspects and is naturally normal. With a professional exterior painting job and maintenance you can avoid your home’s wood accents from some of the environment exposure, such as sun, rain, snow and of course are extremely frigid cold Canadian winters.

Shows exterior of Rockcliffe park area in Ottawa Ontario painting by PG PAINT & DESIGN

The peeling and cracking of paint is a natural thing that happens to wood over the years. The sun the rain, our extreme cold temperatures and every other aspect of the environment affects the wood outside your home.

Do your exterior wood windows or patio or deck look like this.
exterior house window after repair by PG PAINT & DESIGN

rotted wood in the yard and professional tools for repairs

Exterior Paint also blisters over time, sometimes due to environment and sometimes due to unprofessional painting. A professional painter, will know which primer, paint or stain to use dependent on the look you are after. Painting in extreme humidity, rain or if the morning dew is still on the wood are a few factors that will affect your exterior painting in a negative way.

window caulk wearing out around the edges photo courtesy from the Benjamin Moore website

If your home’s exterior paint is not as vibrant as it used to be and you want it to look vibrant again, contact an experienced paint contractor to restore the beauty, the gloss and the paint sheen back to your house and give it the most attractive curb appeal in the neighborhood and to every potential buyer and passer by. Of course it’s also important for you to enjoy the beauty of a professional exterior painting job every time you drive up your driveway and walk up to your entrance.

Whether you’re interested in painting the exterior or interior of your home, Call the experienced paint contractor in Ottawa PG Paint & Design. For more information on our house painting services

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