How To Pick The Perfect Shade Of Gray Paint Colour

Popular, contemporary and trending in home decor for the past few years. The different undertones found in any shade of gray paint colour makes it the go to colour that goes with anything.

Often times referred to as Greige. Because of the brown, beige undertones that can be found in some shades while others have hints of blue or green. Choosing one can also be difficult as the selection is huge.

We’ve put together the following tips to help you through the process of selecting your next perfect shade of gray.

dark gray and light gray paint colours used in painting of bedroom by painters in Ottawa PG Paint & Design


Tips To Picking The Perfect Shade of Paint Colour

When looking to change the look of your home decor the easiest way to do it is to paint the walls. Consider these tips if you are painting and decorating in shades of gray.

  1. Decide on whether you will be going into a cool or warm tone of gray. The cool tones tend to have more blue or violet based undertones while the warmer tones of gray will have the brown or green undertones.
  2. Bring home paint chip samples or a quart of paint as a sample from your local paint store. Choosing paint colours from a picture on Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz, or Facebook may not give you the result you were looking for, as the lighting is not the same in any picture as it is in your home. Pictures on all the above sites usually are copied over and over and most times the colour is somewhat distorted after so many shares, Plus a picture on a screen or in print will never be exactly what you want on your walls. Here’s what we suggest when deciding on the right paint so that you can see the difference on the walls with natural light and artificial lighting.
  3. Don’t always go by what the name says. While many paint colour names have the word Gray in them such as these grays from the Benjamin Moore Paints line. Make sure you look at all the shades as many of them will have a hint of another colour in them which may not be what you are looking for in the end.
  4. If you want to match a certain shade of gray that you love from a pillow, a picture or an accessory, we suggest you take it with you to your local paint store where they can do an exact colour match.

Keeping all these tips in mind for your next painting project sometimes assistance may be required with colour consultation from professional painters . Contact one as they are experts in their field.