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Painting the exterior of your home with the right type of exterior paint helps provide a protection barrier from the natural environmental elements of rain, snow, ice and moisture.

exterior home painting in Ottawa
Exterior PaintingThe right exterior paints can help protect the value of your home

Exterior painting provides your home with the maintenance and protection from the extreme heat and frigid temperatures as those we experience here in Ottawa, Ontario with our four changing seasons.

Paint protects the wood surfaces around the windows and doors from the sun, heat, rain, snow, ice and moisture and help prevent the paint from peeling or cracking

The recommended frequency of how often you should paint the exterior is typically 3 to 5 years to help maintain it’s lustre and beauty and keep it looking well cared for and gives it that much sough after curb appeal that helps increase its property value.  

Exterior Painters 

Choosing to hire exterior painters to help you maintain the wood finishes of the outside of your home will ensure your home gets all the TLC it deserves. 

When hiring professionals to do the job they should be able to reassure you that they will be using the best quality paint products to avoid problems with the paint such as peeling, flaking or cracking. 

Using the right exterior paints or stains will help you achieve the professional results your after.

While the reasons for painting can be endless it is a good idea to get into a habit of going through a maintenance checklist either in the spring or fall of each year.  By taking a walk around the outside perimeters of your house to see if there is any need to repaint or replace the wood before painting it can help prevent problems such as moisture and mold buildup.  This also gives you the opportunity to re-apply any caulking that may have started to peel away creating cracks or gaps.  These simple tasks once a year can help prevent bigger problems later.

Call On Exterior Painting Experts

If all this seems too overwhelming, simply find a painter in Ottawa that specializes in exterior house painting services and contact them to schedule an estimate and quote.