Exterior Home Painting

Whether it’s classic, contemporary or modern your home’s exterior is the first thing people see when they drive or walk by your street or house. Mostly referred to as “Curb Appeal. The painting of the exterior of your house is also good maintenance. It is recommended every few years. Paint protects the wood around your windows and doors from the natural elements of sun, heat, rain and moisture. Ensuring the use of quality paint products is key to a professional exterior paint.

Exterior Painters

It’s that feeling you as the homeowner gets each time you pull up in the driveway and walk up to your front door. Does it still give you that feeling of when you bought your first home, that feeling of “I really like this place, I’m gonna make it mine”?

Are you still in love with the exterior paint colours of your home? If your answer to any or all 3 of these questions is a NO, we as exterior painters can fix that, visit our painting services page.

Visit the Benjamin Moore Website to see the paint and stain as well as colours you can use to achieve the same results as in these photos from the Benjamin Moore website.

If your looking to do it on your own here are a few tips you need to follow to get the most professional results. Is the Interior or Exterior Paint in your Home Cracking and Flaking? Repaint or Replace

If you are wanting to hire a painter in Ottawa then for exterior house painting simply Contact PG Paint & Design Painters to schedule.

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