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Painting of the bathroom can be an easy weekend DIY project for many home or condo owners.  Choosing the perfect paint colours can help create a relaxing home spa effect many of us dream of having.
interior painting bathroom

To create a spa like bathroom in your home can be as easy as choosing paint colours that best accessorize the walls to help make a small room look larger,

It’s easy to accentuate with colours  by adding a light or darker shade to create a focal or accent wall.  Transform any bathroom into the perfect retreat with a different shade to enhance the space.

Here are some tips to help you create your next zen bathroom space.

Prepping The Bathroom For Painting

Before you start your DIY project you first need to prepare any room for painting.  Starting with clearing the room of all furniture and things hanging on the walls.  If you’ve hired professional painters you can still do a few things to help prepare the room before they arrive.

Make sure you use drop cloths to protect flooring and prime walls, baseboards, trim and ceiling with primer paints to ensure you get professional painting results

Choose A Bathroom Paint Colour

Typically the zen look and feel to a spa bathroom is created by painting in neutral colours  which have always been thought of as the go to safe bet.

Neutral paint colours have come a long way from the 70’s and 80’s where everything was beige.  Today’s paint colour choices range in shades of browns, grays, blues, greens and others that can be the perfect paint colour for every room.

For any bathroom or other interior painting project, pick up a selection of colour samples at local paint stores, or ask the painters you may have hired to help you.

When buying paint be mindful how the paint colour looks at all times of the day and night.  Since the shades of colours typically look different under the different artificial and natural lighting scenarios.

Tools and Materials Needed

The cost for painting the bathroom can add up especially if you need to buy all the tools and materials such as a good paint brush, roller, drop cloths, ladder, and everything else needed to just get started.   interior painting bathroom neutral paint colours

Prep Work To Do Before Applying Paint

Before beginning any painting project the prep work is key to successful results.  It’s important to take care of the first step to prepare the walls before painting.

Remove electrical plate and light switch covers, cover any furniture or in this case of the bathroom you can lay a drop cloth over the vanity and sink countertop area.  If there are any large hanging light fixtures you should wrap them in plastic to protect them from any splatter when painting the ceilings.

Use painters tape on baseboards and any other place you don’t want paint to cover, such as door knobs.  Once you have everything covered and protected from any accidental spills or drips, you need to ensure any nail pops, and drywall imperfections are tended to.  Preparing drywall for painting ensures a smoother finish and paint application.

Best Paint Finish To Use

Because the bathroom is a high moisture area from the hot water steam from showers or baths the best paint finish and sheen to select here would be a semi-gloss paint for the walls.  Semi Gloss Paint can withstand the acccumlation of moisture better than the other paint finishes as well it is tough enough to withstand frequent clean ups and is mold and mildew as well as stain resistant. Semi-Gloss paint finish is recommended for painting the bathroom.

Painting Bathrooms

Now you are ready to begin.  Painting bathrooms is a rewarding update and investment for your home.  If you have a few hours to spare over a weekend, and the right supplies, painting a bathroom can be an easy DIY do-able project.

If you do not have the extra time, consider hiring a professional painting company to do the painting instead.  From getting a paint colour consultation, to an estimate and quote, hiring the right painters in Ottawa can free up that weekend to enjoy doing fun things around the city.


This post was originally published on Apr 30, 2017 and edited on May 28, 2021