Why Can’t I Just Get a House Painting Estimate Over the Phone or by Email?

So you want to get an estimate for painting your house.
Sometimes we get phone calls asking for a price over the phone. We like to explain to the individual on the telephone that it is not always a simple guess. There are many factors involved in the process of giving you what we consider to be a fair house painting estimate/quote.

We visit you in your home to view and discuss the entire painting project you have planned. This way it is easier to see the whole scope of the job, whereas opposed to the telephone it’s not visible and sometimes that phone quote is just a guesstimate by some painting contractors and once they have the go-ahead from clients there’s overcharges for this or for that, things you didn’t expect because there was no firm confirmation with an initial walk-through painting estimate

We at PG Paint & Design – your local independently owned and operated Ottawa Painting Professional with 30 yrs experience in the trade are of the old fashioned way. We take the time, because we enjoy meeting with you in the comfort of your home.

This way if you have any questions as we do a walkabout for the painting quote, I am more than happy to answer. There’s nothing wrong with being old fashioned right? There’s nothing better than meeting personally with the prospective client or the client meeting the tradesperson who will be working in their home. It’s best for the client to know the individual who will be coming inside to work in the home, condo, or office space before the actual contract is made.

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