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It’s the sanctuary after a long day of work, running around with activities, and busy schedules. Our bedrooms are the last spot we lay at the end of a long day. We recharge our batteries with some quite time with a good book and we hope for a good nights sleep.
bed and bedroom table next to freshly painted interior bedroom wall

How Often Should the Bedroom Be Painted

Bedrooms are the rooms that don’t require to be painted often. They don’t take the same wear and tear let’s say as the entrance.

For that reason picking a paint colour for the bedroom is a decision that you can make knowing you may not be changing it for several years.


Although it is obvious that the bedroom of a child or teenager requires different intervals to the frequency of how often they are painted. The why is simple. It’s usually because we welcome the baby home with a neutral paint colour and as they become toddlers and then teenagers ours and their tastes for the different colours change and a lot of it has to do with their personality.

The frequency of how often the bedroom should be painted is less than most other rooms in the home. Most rooms like the kitchen, bathrooms and main family room areas are more likely to be painted every 3 to 5 year intervals. Not only for the simple reason that they take on more wear and tear but sometimes we just change our mind on the decor and painting a new fresh colour gives us the best and most economical way to update it.

Whatever your reasons for deciding to paint a room in your house or condo we hope you will visit our website and contact us to schedule your next painting service with us.
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