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Welcome is the first thought that comes to mind when you step into the entrance of your home. The hallways and corridors that make up the main entrance to a house or condo is the first place we welcome family and friends, and walk into and out of each day as we come and go from our hectic busy daily lives.
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How Often Should the Entrance Hallway Be Painted

The walls in our home’s entrance see the most wear and tear. These walls get the brunt end of thrown school bags, flipped boots or shoes and tossed sports bags.

They are the main point of entry to any home or condo and most often times are ignored when it comes to good home maintenance. From scuff marks or finger marks to dents and holes these walls could tell the stories.

Sometimes the damage caused to the walls is a simple repair or patching of the drywall and a repaint, other times it’s a simple good scrubbing and wash with a possible paint touch up. If the damage is bigger then a complete full repainting would be recommended.

Paint for Hallway Corridor and Entrance

interior painting of doors in dark paint colour painted by PG PAINT & DESIGN painting company in Ontario Ottawa

When painting the front entrance you want to make sure you use the best quality paint products that can withstand the wear and tear of daily life. Make sure it’s washable and even able to withstand some scrubbing if necessary. The sheen finish you choose will make the difference between the paint fading away as you rub and wash the walls or it withstanding a little extra elbow grease.

Investing in a higher quality paint that can be easily washed can be expensive when you are buying it but worth the extra it could save on redoing a full painting job.

Painting the hallways, corridors and entrances are most likely to be every 2-3 years because of the continual wear and tear these particular walls get being the busiest spot to any home. If you wonder how often should you paint your house or condo, we often get called in every 3 to 5 years. Sometimes it’s just a simple update of paint colour to one room, while other times it’s a complete repainting and decorating our customers are after.

Whatever your reason for deciding to paint a room in your house or condo we are looking forward to you contacting us to schedule your next painting service with us.
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