What is the Difference with all the Paint Finishes You Ask?

PAINT FINISHES – FLAT, SATIN, EGGSHELL, SATIN, SEMI-GLOSS, GLOSS which to choose. Have you wondered what is between the different paint finishes? We explain here the difference between the most common so that you will know when your painter or paint store is asking you what kind of paint finishes would you like on your walls? Your chosen professional house painter, should guide you through each one when you are choosing your paint colours and be able to explain which is best suited for your house and individual needs.

Here are a few guidelines/suggestions for choosing your paint finish.

Flat Finish is a good concealer. Flat/matte paint is best used on surfaces requiring less frequent washing. The FLAT finish paint conceals most flaws and makes the Flat finish a better choice for older walls. FLAT/MATTE finish is ideal for dining, living, bedrooms and closets.

Satin and Eggshell Paint Finish is best for busy most used areas because of it’s easy maintenance. A simple wiping up of most fingerprints or dirt with just a damp cloth does it for this paint finish.
home upper level area in Manotick Ontario Ottawa
Semi-Gloss paints are durable as well as washable. With a slightly visible shine it is ideal for trim, baseboards, woodwork or cabinetry. It is recommended for high moisture areas because of the ease of cleanup. Just make sure to ask for a mildew resistant formula for these high moisture areas like the Benjamin Moore Aura Bath & Spa Paint 

Satin paint finish is very easy to keep clean again with just a damp cloth and can also handle soap if required.

Gloss Paint Finish gives you the highest level of shine and durability. For the trim, baseboards, doors or other architectural elements, you’d like highlighted this would be the finish choice. Gloss paint is very durable and can take on more dirt and elbow grease to remove the dirt afterwards. It is the strongest finish but also the shiniest.
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