Colour combinations in a room are a design element of interior decorating.  The art of using paint colours to accentuate the home helps create the perfect harmony between the furniture, art and all accessories in any room.
interior painting of living room

There is no set rule or law that says one must stick to the same colour family as painting two colours or more can create a visual point of interest also known as a focal wall in any room.

Let’s break down how paint colours accentuate any space, to help you make the choice for your next home decor update.

Colour Changes Everything

The next time you are pondering over the idea of mixing more than one paint colour on the walls of a room think about creating the drama and dimension that draws the eye to the space and an accent walls can give the illusion of a bigger room.

Bring personality to your living space.  Whether you choose to go bold or stick to the neutrals such as the ever popular grays painting an accent wall will add the special effects to any room.

If you are going with mostly neutrals you can always bold colours in the accessories.  Add pillows in darker colours than the main paint colour on the walls and instantly add that splash of colour.

When painting an open concept area such as a living room and dining room area that may also connect to the kitchen try not to use the wall that connects the rooms together as it may prove to be difficult to know where to start and stop with the accent colour.

You will want to choose the one wall at the end of the open concept area perhaps where the fireplace is to add a punch of a darker shade.  And there is no rule that say you can’t paint the ceiling as a focal wall.  The ceiling is considered a fifth wall, so if you are not sure about where in the room to accent the walls, add the accent colour onto the ceiling.  This will without a doubt add the drama and elegance to any room.

When choosing paint colours it instantly and easily adds subtle elegance and impacts the visual contrast of any room.  If you are looking to create a feature or focal point of interest to a room choose the wall that your eye is drawn to each time you walk into the room and make that your accent wall with a darker colour.  If you are wanting to create the perfect harmony paint the focal accent wall in one or two shades darker than the tone of the rest of the walls in the room and make sure to give the same TLC to the trim, baseboards and doors to bring everything together.

Colour Inspiration comes from anywhere or anything so if you have a favorite art piece or home decor accessory try pulling a colour from that and create a colour palette scheme.  Choose a dark and lighter shade of your favourite accessory colour and start with those.

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This post was originally published on Jul 27, 2016 and updated on 15 July 2020