Choosing Paint Colours is a personal thing. The colours we choose are a reflection of our mood and or feelings. It’s a way of identifying our creativity and personality.
Paint Colour guide for choosing colours
Painting your space creates atmosphere and mood. From a bold dark paint colour as a focal point in a room to a light neutral tone painted throughout the house the choices are endless.

Deciding on Which Paint Colours

A professional  can help guide you with suggestions on what’s trending in Ottawa homes today. Be inspired by photos .
paint colour samples in neutral tones in browns and grays from benjamin moore

Use these tips as a baseline when choosing the paint colour schemes for your home painting.

  • Primary Colour: The dominant color in the room.

These paint colors bring the feeling of inner peace to the atmosphere of a room. Refreshing, Calming, and Relaxing are a few of the words used to describe these paint colours mostly seen in nature. From Browns to Greens, Blues and Yellows all of them have various tones and  hues in dark to light adding drama or a soothing environment. Browns and Grays have been popular and trending for a couple of years. They often blend well together and are sometimes called Greige.

  • Secondary Colour: Secondary colours compliment any room in your home and the primary chosen paint colour.

Paint the walls with a secondary colour. This choice is usually a couple of shades lighter than the primary colour to enhance the atmosphere and mood you want to create when painting your house. Choose a shade or two lighter than the primary dark colour you may have chosen for either an accent or focal wall in the room of your house. Decorating with an accent colour will tend to give a focus to one area of the room or space, such as highlighting the fireplace in a family room, or the wall behind the headboard in a master bedroom, allowing the secondary tones to enhance the ambience.

  • Neutral Colour:  From brown, grey, blues and white Neutral Paint colours don’t have to be boring.

White is usually saved for the ceilings, trim, crown moulding, baseboards and doors and frames, while the neutral paints colours like the browns and greys are used to bring the serenity and neutral balance to the walls. They blend and enhance the white in any of the wood work. Benjamin Moore Paints has a huge variety of Neutral Paint Colours to choose from. You can choose one by visiting their website at this link

Paint Colours For House Painting

Painting your home in a neutral paint colour or adding a bold dark feature wall painting the house or a room helps create a mood and adds your signature to the space. Whether you choose a warm or cool paint colour, light or dark shade, bright or muted paint hue, create the balance and pull everything together. Enjoy being creative.

We hope these tips have been helpful to keep in mind the next time your considering how to choose a paint colour for your next house painting project. You could hire a professional Design Consultant or Interior Designer.

You may also want to discuss it with your house painter because professional House Painters can help guide you through the paint chip samples and fan decks to pick your next house painting colour scheme. Check with your Ottawa Painters for a paint colour consultation