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The colours we choose are a reflection of our mood and feelings and our way of identifying our creativity and personalities.

Our choices are a personal thing that helps us create a harmonized environment in our homes and choosing the right paint colours can add or take away from that perfect home décor.colour guide and meaningPainting your space creates an atmosphere or mood of which can be calming and relaxing or full of energy and vibrant.

From a bold dark paint colour as a focal point to a light neutral tone painted throughout the house the choices or combinations are endless.

How To Decide Which Paint Colours To Use

If you have the knack of creating a perfect colour palette for home and interior décor it’s a bonus, you might find inspiration from photos on the internet, or you could hire a professional interior designer or a that can help guide you with suggestions on what’s trending in Ottawa homes today.paint colour sample swatches

When creating that perfect colour palette to decorate any space in your house you can follow a colour wheel which consists of your primary, secondary and tertiary colours and can be the starting point to achieve a great outcome.

and choose a primary colour which will be the dominate one for the space.

Primary colours are red, blue and yellow and they are the root of all other colours, meaning which ever paint colour you choose it will have been mixed from one of the three primary colours.

These colours typically bring the feeling of inner peace to the atmosphere of a room, making it feel refreshing, calming, and relaxing.

Next you would choose another colour to compliment the primary one.  This is what is called a secondary colour.

Secondary colours are the mixture of two of the primary colours closest to each other on the colour wheel.  The secondary colours are orange, green and violet.

When choosing a secondary paint colour it will typically be a