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You have decided to update the look to your home decor with a fresh coat of paint, and have hired a painting company in Ottawa to do it.  There are things that a homeowner can do to prepare the space before the painters arrive.  Here are a few tips on what to do before painters arrive to get started with the interior painting of your house.

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What To Do Before Painters Start Painting Your House

Even though painting companies will do the prep work such as ensuring all furniture and flooring is well protected with drop cloths and plastic wrap to cover, they will ensure light fixtures like chandeliers or ceiling fans are wrapped in plastic and protected, remove electric outlet covers and more there are still a few things homeowners can do to help make things a little easier and ensure their prize belongings are protected and cared for.

Tips on How To Prepare Before The Painters Arrive

The following tips on how to prepare before the painters arrive will help the painters work more freely and efficiently throughout your home.  It will also ensure that your special items like fine art work, fine china and other delicates are stored in a safe place so that it avoids any accidents.

Tip 1. Start With The Walls
to help prepare before painters start painting the walls should be cleared of pictures, art and acessories
It is helpful to ensure priceless photos, frames, and artwork are removed from the walls, along with removing all window treatments such as curtains, drapes or blinds .

There is no doubt that the professional house painting services you have hired will do their best not to get any paint on them, it is always best to completely remove and store them away from the area being painted.

No need to worry about the holes left behind from any of the nails as they are part of the pre – painting & drywall repairs work that is done.



Tip 2. Furniture & Breakables

It is very helpful if your furniture is placed in the middle of the room. This ensures any valuable or breakable items that are sometimes stored in cabinets or hutches such as dining room dinnerware or crystal glasses for example, please don’t leave that responsibility to the painting company. It’s in your best interest to protect those valuables by moving them yourself.
You do not have to worry about covering them if you don’t have the necessary drop cloths or plastic as most painters have these with them and will easily and gladly ensure everything that is in the middle of the room is covered and protected.

Tip 3. Cleaning & Vacuuming
clean before painting
It’s helpful to have the homeowner give the rooms to be painted a quick vacuum or sweep up before the painters get started. This will ensure all dust and any particles left behind from moving the furniture away from the walls will be collected.

It helps prevent any dust particles from sticking to the walls and being painted over.




These are general tips for you to take into consideration when preparing your house for the painters to arrive.  You the homeowner will appreciate having full control over the protection of your most priceless and valuable items and your efforts will be most appreciated by the Ottawa painters you have hired.

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