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Back in November 2017 we had the great pleasure of painting the house for a couple who purchased their very first home here in Ottawa. We’re a little super excited about this one as it’s our daughter and her boyfriend who took the plunge to become new homeowners. Woo Hoo soooo excited for these guys!!! 🙂

They found their dream home thanks to our daughter’s great friend Tara Shields who is an awesome sales representative at Royal LePage Team Realty in Ottawa. Tara took the time to look for the perfect place for this young couple. She was meticulous in learning their likes and wants for what their first dream home should be.

We had the pleasure of being invited to some of the house viewings with our daughter, her boyfriend and Tara who had a great list of beautiful homes for us to visit on this one particular day. She took the time to tell all of us the particulars of the home we were visiting. From the age to the neighbourhood amenities and what upgrades were recently done and what may still need to be done. After running around the city for a few hours, exploring many beautiful homes, we landed at this particular home in Ottawa’s East End.

It was pretty much love at first sight for all of us. From the moment we all walked in everyone had the same feeling about this home. We all loved the layout, the brightness of daylight that came through and the location. There were lots to love about this house. What was most important of course was that our daughter and her boyfriend really loved it, after all, they would be the ones footing the bill for it’s purchase.

After a few hours, they determined that was the one and the search ended. Tara took care of everything for them very efficiently and even recommended a professional for the home inspection. She really left them with nothing to worry about except signing on the dotted line. 🙂

We were so happy for our daughter and her boyfriend to have finally found their first house to get their lives started together. Since we’re in the house painting business they didn’t need to look any further. 🙂

It was an absolute joy to paint their new house with paint colours they chose and we helped to make their home. Painting the entire house in gray neutrals  was simple enough. It made the whole house bright, highlighted the natural lighting that shone through the windows and made it modern and cozy.

In these pictures you’ll see the painting of the bedrooms, 2nd floor hallway/stairwell in the light gray paint colour.





interior painting in progress by PG PAINT & DESIGN painters in Ottawa


interior painting kitchen house in Ottawa by painters PG PAINT & DESIGN

They were super surprised when they came home that night and saw the stunning accents of the darker gray in their main floor living space. We want to thank Tara Shields for helping our kids find their perfect starter home. If you’re looking for a professional real estate agent in the Ottawa area to help you find that perfect home, we highly recommend Tara.

We wish our daughter and her boyfriend many happy years together in their new home. We’re thrilled and proud of both of them. If you are looking for tips and advice on everything painting visit our other blog articles. Along with this post, you may find the following links helpful.

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