Investing In Your Home

Investing in your home by painting the interior and exterior is a wise decision as it guarantees an easier and faster sell.  It adds value and curb appeal while you live in it or whether you are planning to sell it.  If you are planning on a home renovation or home improvement here are a few things you should know before investing in your home.

Renovating your home is all a balancing act you have to weigh the pros and cons and ask yourself the questions. Will you be living in this house forever and want to have it exactly the way you dreamed it or will you plan on selling it after the updates, renos, improvements.  We are going to share some tips that hopefully help to answer those questions.

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As we see it and (Wikipedia says) if you’re going to be staying then it’s called a Home Improvement, while if you’re selling or flipping a property then it’s referred to as a Home Renovation.

Home Improvements

If you are going to be living in it forever than YES go ahead indulge if it’s affordable. Splurge on all the extras like a gorgeous bathtub or shower , gorgeous bathtubs & faucets, Photos courtesy of Preston Hardware a local Ottawa, family run, business. It’s a one stop shop for all your home repair, home improvements and home renovations. Check out their Kitchen and Bathroom Design Centre online.

Splurge on your kitchen and bathrooms by installing gorgeous Granite counter tops in the freshly painted kitchen and bathrooms from Granite Transformations Ottawa. They can transform your kitchen or bathroom into everything you’ve been dreaming it could look like.



Invest on heated floors in the bathrooms or kitchen. Install luxurious and precious ceramic tiles on floors and bathroom/shower walls. You can tear down the walls to create an open concept from the kitchen to dining room and living room / family areas. Go ahead and make the master ensuite bigger by taking out one of the bedrooms and of course add in a gorgeous walk in closet. But remember you’re gonna stay there forever pretty much, because those additions/renovations add no value when the potential buyer now only maybe has a two bedroom house from what was originally a 4 or 5 bedroom house like all the other homes on the street.

To finish things off, we highly recommend of course a professional house painting job especially if you’ll be living in it and enjoying it for years to come. All the removed walls will be in need of drywall repair or patching, sanding and priming before any paint application, and of course if you’ve still got stipple ceilings let’s get rid of those too and make everything modern looking, smooth and chic. You can read more on our Quality House Painting Tips then call your local Ottawa House Painters PG Paint & Design for all your Interior House Painting and Exterior House Painting.

Home Renovations

Let’s say you’re buying a property to fix and then flip it for resale on the Ottawa Real Estate market then some of the extra splurges just aren’t necessary.

We think some of the important ones are definitely upgrade the kitchen and bathrooms as they give the highest return on your investment. Installing hardwood in place of carpet is yet another good investment that will give you a higher return. We don’t believe you should go ahead and install the heated floors, or luxurious spa like master bedroom en-suite or a pool. These are investments you would make if you were going to be living in this home for a very long time, but you won’t someone else will. So if they want all the extra luxuries than can do them themselves.

New Kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities are also great return values for your investment. Potential buyers like to see new in what they are considering to buy. If it’s in the budget install some granite countertops it will really make the property stand out and possibly sell a whole lot faster.

Consider when making these renovations to a house you’re going to be selling. What the real estate market value is for the neighborhood. Is it a young family neighborhood where that bathtub will do wonders for growing families with small children and pets. This is probably where you could skip the heated flooring, luxury faucets and swanky rainfall shower head and just put in a functional bathtub with shower head (small kids clean up better in a bathtub)

Open concept is beautiful but in a flip for sale reno you might not want to take too many walls out. It may actually make your home look smaller. Because our eyes can play tricks on us and a potential buyer. What we see as open concept they may see as an endless corridor/gallery or even gives them a feeling of a bowling alley. Perhaps open an archway to the dining room and living room/family areas and open concept from the kitchen. Add a built in bookshelf in the family space to draw the potential buyer to the extra storage as well as a cozy feel to the space. Distractions are a good thing in these situations. You want the potential buyers to walk into this house your selling and immediately envision it as their home.

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All the Info you need for finding the Local Ottawa Business Partners & Connections mentioned in this article, such as their location, store hours and directions on how to get to them is listed below.

Preston Hardware is located in Ottawa’s centretown and beautiful Little Italy area, where before and after shopping you can stop in for a cappuccino and Italian pastry at Gelateria e Pasticerria Italiana where you can enjoy an espresso and biscotti.  We love the Little Italy – Preston Street area as being from the Italian Community and having lived there as a kid it’s always felt like home and everything is within a few minutes walking distance from each other.  We recommend these businesses because like us they are local, independent and family run businesses in the City of Ottawa.

In the East end you’ll also find a community of shopping and family restaurants.  Although they may not be within close proximity to walk to they are all close by in the neighborhood.  You’ll find a Home Depot close by to pick up some hardware for those renos and of course Home Sense to accessorize and decorate after the house painting completes all the work done.


Consider all the benefits of all the upgrades if you are going to be living there for a long time. If not then a few simple upgrades should do it for resale value. Painting is always an inexpensive update to any home. If you’re going to be living there, and you get a professional painter in Ottawa PG Paint & Design Ottawa House Painters then you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come and know you’ve made a valuable investment in your home improvement.

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