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What makes a house a home is the people that live in it.  A house can be decorated in many ways to look as perfect as a magazine photo, where everything is in its place, but a home is different.

A home is a place where you build memories with family and friends.  From the family dinners, to gatherings with friends, a home is a sanctuary.  Unlike a house a home will have things out of place, toys left scattered, half eaten cookies on the counter, pictures of family vacations.  Nothing is really in its place but everything is perfect, because it is authentic and is a true reflection of the people living in it.

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The memories and treasured moments that warms your heart every time you think of home.  A house is simply the box that holds the memories while a home is where the memories are made.

It does not have the same magical sound to say house sweet house instead of home sweet home.

A House Is Home When

A home is a place where you feel warm and cozy by the special things that surround you.  It is the people that move into a house that make it a home.  After all the moving and unpacking has been done we all want to personalize our spaces with furniture, accessories and of course some fresh paint colours.

A house becomes a home when we add that perfect art work to the walls, family photos in the living room and family room.  Decorating our homes to add a touch of our character and personality to define our open concept spaces to make them comfortable, inviting and cozy.

a house is home when we personalize it with paint colours

Painting Makes A House A Home

Painting is a good investment prior to moving in or after so that you can add your own special touch and signature to your new home.  Give it the classic modern feel by painting neutral, in any of the popular paint colours for interiors.

Add drama to an accent wall with a splash of colour that is different from that of the living room or dining rooms to add your personal signature to any room of the house.

Choosing a paint colour that brightens a room or adds a little drama makes it feel more comfy.  Painting in any of the many shades of gray, to the soothing warm browns, blues or greens tones,    gives your space that fresh new look plus all the the comforts of home.

Painting the interior of your house can be a do it yourself project or you may want to look into hiring a professional painter who specializes in interior house painting services in Ottawa to provide you with a painting estimate and consultation.

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We look forward to connecting with you to make your dream house your forever home sweet home.

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This post was originally published on May 23, 2016 and edited on April 10, 2020