House Painting Tips

If plans are in the works for painting a room, your new house or condo you want to ensure you get the best results in the end.  You may want to tackle the project yourself or hire a professional painting contractor whichever you decide to do here are some helpful tips to getting it done.

Change is good.  Whatever your reason for starting to paint might be, whether it’s your new space and you want to add your own personality and signature to it with fresh new colours, or the previous owners choices just don’t jive with your decorating scheme, you want to be able to do the job well or hire a painter in Ottawa to do it and have it looking fabulous in the end.   Let’s assume you are going to tackle this as a Do It Yourself Painting project and to get the best results you should follow these tips.


Tips For Painting

Thorough Surface Preparation before you even consider opening up a paint can is the most important factor to achieving the best possible end result.  To obtain a smooth paint finish it’s an absolute necessity to prepare all the surfaces to be painted first.

House Painting Tip #1 Repairing of walls

Start with making sure any imperfections to drywall are properly sealed with either caulking or drywall compound, fill nail pops or cracks in the walls or ceiling and ensure any wood work like trim and moulding have been filled with wood filler.  Once these are completed you need to give a light sanding to those areas to create a smooth finish.

House Painters Tip #2 Caulking before Painting

Ensure the trim and moulding have all been sealed with caulking and that way the paint finish will look smooth and no gaps will appear.  Caulking around windows and doors, baseboards and any woodwork trim is yet another important element to properly preparing your area before painting.

House Painting Tip #3 Sanding & Priming

Sanding & Priming are the next step to achieving the perfect end result and a smooth paint finish. Using an acrylic latex caulk with silicone for best results, squeeze it onto the area and smooth it over with a wet finger and let it dry completely.

After the drywall repairs, caulking and fillers have been completed,  a light sanding of the area preps the surface for the primer paint.

Painting Tip #4: Wallpaper Paste and Wallpaper removal

If there is wall paper on the walls it should be removed at the very start.

It can sometimes be removed with some hot steam or hot water.  If it does not come off easily with hot steam or water than you can use a wallpaper remover such as DIF.  You should follow the directions on the bottle for your safety as well as proper usage.  Make sure you protect any flooring or carpeting by spreading newspapers, painters cloth or even plastic wrap so that all drips from the water or the product fall onto it and do not create damage to your flooring.

If all this prep work has you thinking that you want to hire the house painting services of a professional, the beginning of your project is the perfect spot to start.

Professional Home Painters

The internet is a great place to get loads of information, we also suggest you talk to the experts at your local Ottawa paint stores.  They have a wealth of knowledgeable staff ready and willing to offer your their sage advice on any questions you may have regarding the painting of your house, home, condo, or office space, even if it’s just a room, they are there to help, and it’s free.

If you do go ahead and hire a professional painter, ensure you ask all the questions that concern you when they come by and give you your house painting estimate.  Questions like what type of products will be used, you can express your concerns about  VOC (volatile organic compound) of certain paints, although in today’s paint industry they’ve all reformulated and changed their products where you still get quality paint results with little to NO VOC factors. (report from Consumers

PG PAINT & DESIGN in Ottawa is a painting company that is here to help with your next painting project.  Our full painting services, answers to your questions and consultations if required are our primary objective to providing you with the best customer service.  Our clients reviews will help guide you to choosing the painters you want to work with on your next home improvement.

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