Reasons Why You Should Only Hire a Qualified Ottawa House Painter

Choosing a professional house/home painter will not only give you peace of mind but it can also ensure you get the quality guaranteed work you deserve as a homeowner.

Why you should Hire a Qualified House Painter in Ottawa

There are many reasons one should choose a professional painting contractor and decorating company we thought we would bring you a few of the top ones.

  1. Experience – An experienced painting company will give you the peace of mind you need to make an informed decision. A professional house painter will have a good website with past projects Our Photo Gallery   more house painting photos from our Houzz Profile of some before and after pictures of work they have done and or working on. You should be able to read their testimonials from our clients and Reviews on our Houzz Profile from true clients because they should have at least one or more.
  2. Ensure they are affordable and dependable Ottawa painting contractors – We believe that our home painting Services at PG Paint & Design, that the old fashion approach of meeting with you in your home is the best way to understand your home painting and decorating project ideas. It’s not just a call or email to any ottawa painting business and expect a fair and reasonable quote if they haven’t seen the job site. There are many different aspects of a house painting quote that a true professional painter takes into consideration. If you can get a quote over the phone…be wary…there will be additional charges once the job is completed. For example,if you’re purchasing one of those groupon/coupon deals, remember to read the fine print. If there is no fine print then there will be a surprise when the painter arrives. You’ll only then be notified of all the extra’s that were not included in that coupon you purchased. Or the simple fact that anyone can paint a room in a day. Yes there’s the WOW factor when you see that online in an ad, but again don’t be surprised if there are additional cost factors you were not expecting. We meet with you at a convenient day and time to go over the entire painting project. We review together all the fine details you as the homeowner are looking for, and we as a reputable, 30 years experienced Ottawa house painter provide as a guaranteed painting service to you. There are several factors to consider when providing an honest, and accurate price quote for any painting in your home and we ensure we go through them all with you, so that you can expect the quality and professionalism we are known for. We believe the old fashioned way is a perfect way to still be social and it’s always great to meet the homeowners we work with, and of course it’s always a perfect idea for you the homeowner to know who exactly you will be entrusting your valuable home to.
  3. Guaranteed Quote/Estimate – A mature business man, a true professional, and trusting house painter in Ottawa, should be able to provide you a quote/estimate in detail, showing all costs of labour and materials used, pertaining to your home painting project and does not surprise you with additional charges either throughout or at the end of the project. We provide you the detailed estimate of all costs including the type of paint we will use and we generally use the middle line of all the Benjamin Moore Paints unless the client specifies higher grade. A detailed/guaranteed quote/estimate for the home painting is your contract and it allows you to see from the beginning, all painting costs associated, and ensures that they will remain the same from start to finish. We provide you that guaranteed quote, keeping in mind that the only time the price would change is if you the customer/client asks for additional painting or drywall repairs.
  4. Reputation  – A trustworthy Ottawa painting company should be able to provide you with at least 3 to 5 past and present clients names and phone numbers so that you can speak with them directly and ask what type of professional you may be working with, and expect the referred client to give you a peace of mind testimonial to the painting business you are thinking of choosing. Many times you can and should compare the difference between all the recent start ups in the Ottawa area for home painting, the franchises,and the fly by nighters, who buy a paint brush, paint roller and paint pan, beat up car or a bicycle and call themselves professionals. This is where your due diligence comes in. You should compare, those just mentioned to the ones with at least 15 years of experience or more. You can go to google or go to the businesses website and then go to the ones with real client based testimonials (no cookie-cutter reviews) no copy/paste into one particular website where if you look closely you’ll see that every client decided to post their review on the same exact day. It’s easy to check by going to google and typing in complaints for (name of business) and then reviews for (name of business).
  5. Customer Care – A professional house painting business should make it’s customer service and customer care priority. We ensure we always have a real live person to take your calls or emails. We answer the phone and speak with you regarding your home/house painting and decorating ideas, provide you with a contact name and time for which you will be reached by the owner to set up your in home / house painting consultation, or if you have a day and time we schedule you during the conversation. We also reply to all our emails within 24-48hrs. We never use pagers, or automated voice systems or call answering services. Choosing the right company for your home painting ensures that the work you receive will be of the best quality. You want to be able to show off your home when you invest money to have any type of home renovation or painting done and we as a professional painter enjoy your showing off the quality of our work and that way you will feel confident to recommend and refer us as Ottawa’s best painting business, because you feel comfortable, confident and experienced enough to pass along our name to your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors because you are proud of the way your home looks, and we’re happy when you’re happy.

exterior of a house in Ottawa and interior of a living room newly painted
We believe that the best way to is to ask your family, friends, neighbors or co-workers. The word-of-mouth referral system is a great way to know who you can trust to be in your home and to do the best quality painting. PG Paint & Design your Local Ottawa house painting professional, Independently Owned and Operated, we pride ourselves on being your Interior and Exterior residential Paint Contractor, who appreciates our loyal clients referrals and testimonials, as they give our future clients the peace of mind they need in order to make an informed decision to ensure a professional painter, a mature and trustworthy business & family man,is the person your are trusting to working in your home, and that PG Paint & Design is the painting company you choose when looking to hire an Ottawa house painter.