Reasons Why You Should Only Hire a Qualified Ottawa House Painter

Choosing a professional house and home painter will give you the peace of mind in knowing you get the quality guaranteed work you deserve as a homeowner.  Entrusting a painting company to do work in your family home is a decision you do not want to regret.  Let’s go through the reasons why you should only hire a qualified house painter.

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Why Should You Hire A Qualified Painter in Ottawa

While some of the reasons are obvious as to why you want and should hire a professional, knowledgeable and qualified painter, other reasons may not be considered of the top of your thoughts.  When searching to find the right painting contractor you want to know that the work will be done properly, efficiently and get the results you are paying for.  Here is a quick guide to help with your search for the best painters in Ottawa.

Experienced Painters

For peace of mind and to be able to make an informed decision you should begin with a search for house painters in Ottawa.  Google search will bring up hundreds of painting companies in the area.

A professional house painter will have a modern and updated website with photos of the work they have done.  Most companies do both interior painting and exterior painting.  To showcase their current and past painting projects they may even have separate photos for their  interior and exterior projects.

Experienced painters will have testimonials and reviews from past clients of which you can use as references before you hire the painting company.

Affordable And Dependable Ottawa Painting Contractors

To get the best painting services for your next home project ensure you do your due diligence. Set up appointments with painting companies for an estimate.  At the appointment when you meet with the painter, it is the best opportunity to ask questions  such as what types of paints they will be using, will they take of of the cost of buying the paint.  The consultation meeting is the best opportunity for both the painter and the homeowner to discuss the details of the work to be done.  Meeting in person with the painter is like giving them an interview about what type of work they will do and all that is included in the price and how long they will be before you hire them.

Getting a quote over the phone will not be what you will end up paying for.  It is the same with some of the coupon deals like the ones that claim they can paint 2 rooms for $300.00.  Because of the varied aspects of providing a house painting quote it is always best to take the old fashion approach and meet with the painter who will potentially be working in your home.

Painting companies can provide you with a written detailed estimate or quote with a list of all the work they will do, the quality and types of paint they will use, the prep work, such as caulking around window and door frames, baseboards and trim, sanding and fixing drywall imperfections, priming, minimum 2 coats of paint finish, painting of ceilings, and the cost to you.  This will be your contract, of which there should not be any surprises once it is agreed upon.

If you decide to go with the coupon deals, always read the fine print.  It is in the fine print that you will notice that the best paint products  may not be used as they are more expensive.  Rather with the coupon deals what is being used is the lower end paint products at cheaper costs.  These cheaper costs may not necessary be passed on to you.  Ensure you know what products any painting company will be using before you agree to them doing the work.

Also worth noting for the coupon deals is that not all, and sometimes not any of the prep work will be done.   Coupon deal painters will not do the finer detailed things like nail pops, drywall imperfections, sanding, caulking, and priming before applying the final paint finish.

This is the reason you get the two rooms for $300.00 as it only includes painting one coat of paint on the walls only.  It will not include any trim, baseboards or cove molding nor will it include any ceilings or doors.  There will be additional charges for everything after the first coat of paint on the walls.

To ensure you hire an affordable and dependable Ottawa painting contractor meet in person, get the written quote, check with the references, and ask any questions you may have before going ahead with the project.  Doing all the due diligence beforehand will ensure you are not getting ripped off.

Guaranteed Quote/Estimate 

A detailed quote will provide you with a list of all the costs of the labour, the materials to be used and the details of the project.  It will show what brand of paint will be used for the painting work, it will tell you whether the imperfections to the drywall will be repaired, nail pops filled, sanding, caulking and what will be painted such as walls, trim, baseboards, doors and ceilings.  From the beginning of the project the quote is your guarantee of what you will pay in the end.

The only reason the quote or contract should change is if you the homeowner decides to add additional things to the initial project, or if you decide to upgrade the quality of the paint to be used.


Talk to friends, family, neighbors and co-workers, ask them if they know of a reputable painting company.  Most times the best painters are well known from family and friends, and neighbors who have had work done by them and they can give you the most honest referral and recommendation.

Customer Care

Painting companies that answer their own phones and not a call center, who reply promptly to emails are the ones that make customer care and service their priority.

Choosing the right company for your home painting ensures that the work you receive will be of the best quality.  Having any type of home renovation or painting by Ottawa’s best painting business, will be a wise investment.exterior of a house in Ottawa and interior of a living room newly painted

Hiring A Qualified and Professional Painter

Making the investment to update your home or condo is an important one.  Hire only the best painters in Ottawa for all your home, condo and residential painting projects.

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