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The time has come. You have decided to change up your home decor because it’s been a few years, or maybe you are just moving in to your new house or condo. What faster, better and cost effective way to do it all is there than adding some new trending paint colours to spruce things up.
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Now that the decision has been made that you’re going to update the look in your home with some fresh paint colours you may need the services of a painting contractor.

To help you get started on the process of trying to find the right painting company for you to work with, here are a few tips you can use to help guide you through your search.

Finding a Painting Contractor

These days it’s as easy as typing the words find painting contractors in Ottawa into the google search bar and you will get hundreds of results in return. Ask google by voice command is even easier and faster than typing out the words “hey Google, find me painting companies

Life has become even easier when you can simply talk to Alexa, Siri or whatever other voice command machines and simply ask “hey Alexa find me painters in Ottawa” or ask the same from Siri “hey Siri Find painter near me

With the pages and pages of results returned to you at your fingertips, it is now time to due your due diligence as a homeowner.

Here is what you need to know when hiring a painting contractor

Let’s just break down a few more tips on what you need to know so that you’ve crossed all your T’s and dotted all your I’s before going ahead with your final decision.

Questions to Ask A Painting Contractor

After doing some online research and finding at least three painting companies to set up appointments to have them give you an estimate get prepared with a list of questions to ask the painter when you meet.

Just because a painting contractor knows that all paints are not created equal, and tells you they can get it done or that they say they can start the work tomorrow and give you the lowest bid doesn’t necessarily mean they are the right or wrong painters you should hire. Remember just like the paint not all painters are created equal. Begin your interview with questions like :

  • What are all the services provided? For example: you may just want the walls painted and not the ceiling or trim.
  • Will you paint the doors or window frame?
  • What brush types will be used? Roller, airbrush, brush or others.
  • How many coats of paint is required for quality finish? 1, 2, 3 or more.
  • What type and brand of paint will be used? Decorative, water-based, gloss or eggshell finish, oil-based or others.
  • So that you get the best outcome from your in-home consultation these  questions to ask the painter are also very helpful.

There is also this article you may find useful. It details how to know you are hiring the right contractor.

Using some of the above questions along with any other ones you may come up with is the perfect way to interview the painter that will be doing the work in your home.

It provides the two parties the perfect opportunity to get to know one another. It’s important to feel comfortable with whomever you chose as this individual or company will be working in your home.

If we can help answer any of your painting questions, we look forward to hearing from you

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