The Power of Paint Colours in House Painting

Understanding how we react to colours is one of the reasons you need to take the time to choosing the right paint colours for your next house painting project.
fresh flowers inside a flower basket held by a female in the garden
Colours affect our mood and energy levels more than we imagine. It is well known that the colour purple in a soft hue is relaxing and comforting. Just like the lilac in the above photo or a bouquet of lavendar. Lavender has it’s healing properties, promoting relaxation and calmness. The colours purple or violet promote healing and are associated with the calming sense of both the brain and the nervous system. This is most likely why most spas use it in their establishments.

Surrounding yourself in the right paint colour choices ensures you enjoy the fresh coat of paint and new colour you’ve decided on or have yet to decide on. So it is important to take the time to talk to your  and discuss the mood and ambience you want to create with your interior house painting project.

shows a Paint Color Consultant sitting and analyzing colour charts for a house painting project

Take the time to go through a paint colour consultation with your professional painters to create your own personal paint colour scheme. They have the knowledge and experience in what works best for homeowners and have ideas on what’s trending in house painting in the Ottawa area.

Understanding the psychology of paint colours we choose and what is your colour personality for example will help guide you when having to make the choice for updating your home decor.

Going Neutral is always a safe bet. Of course we all know Neutral Paint Colours aren’t just beige or white anymore. Neutrals now go anywhere from light creams to browns, greys, blues and greens. Every Paint Colour comes in light and dark tints and hues. If you need help with going through the vast variety of colours you may find this article how to choose paint colours helpful.

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