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Picking the right paint for your next painting project is as easy and simple as knowing which brand you want to choose from, what the finish or sheen will be and lastly the colour.  Painting is an inexpensive way to give a room a breath of fresh air and quick update.

The following are a few tips on what to look for in the brand of paint you will be selecting for your next home painting project.
how to pick paint

What Makes A Good Paint

While homeowners and painting contractors will agree that quality is better than quantity, and it is justified by the way the product binds to the surface, gives the best coverage and is the best to paint with, even though quality paint costs more it has better durability and longevity.

Where is the proof though that the better quality paint really is the better paint to buy.

According to experts at paint quality institutes the better paints have the better binders.  The formulation of the higher end product is better making it better at resistance to cracking or flaking, peeling, bubbling, or sticking and it provides the best adhesion and coverage.

The big difference is in the ingredients used to make the expensive paint.  Because the higher end more expensive paint has more pigment and resin formulated into it, it may initially look the same as the cheaper paint at a quick glance, but the difference will be noted and appreciated with it’s long-term durability and performance against scuffs, dirt and grease.

Using the best paint with the highest quality and smooth finish is the best choice in the end if you want a paint that will stand the test of time,  holds up to everyday family life and house hold routines.  From showers in the bathroom to cooking in the kitchen, relaxing in the family room or getting a good night sleep in the bedroom, to watching a movie in the basement or theatre room, you want to choose a quality paint that is durable, easy to clean and lasts a long time.

You want a high performing paint for bathrooms and kitchens, that can withstand the higher levels of humidity and moisture.  Paint manufacturers have improved paint products at every level, from little to no VOC , to better water based paints instead of lead based paints used in the past.

The Best Paint

It goes without saying that the best paint is more expensive, but it is the best bang for your buck.  The best paint outperforms the rest, and the following guideline is what to look for when deciding on whether to choose the cheaper or top of the line paint products.  You want to make sure it gives you the best of :

Paint Coverage
A good quality paint can cover any old paint or colour on the walls with two coats.   Because of the better formulation of pigments and resins it outperforms the way it covers over pre-existing paint.  Although it is recommended to use a primer paint on newly installed drywall, when painting a light colour over a dark one.  The cheaper paints will not give the best coverage and you may end up getting missed streaky looks or blotchy paint.  Using an all in one paint primer is not always cost effective either, as you may have to paint three to four coats to get the 100% coverage instead of the typical 2 coats you would get from a better quality product.  The extra labour and the cost of buying more paint is not the most effective way to stay in budget.

Stain Resistance
A good quality paint will hold up to stains.  Whether it’s oil stains like the ones in the kitchen from cooking or spilling coffee or wine.  The paint should be durable enough that should these accidents happen, you can easily wash it away with a damp cloth and  light dish soap.  The difference in the paint finishes will be your guide to knowing which is the most durable and resistant to washing without fading.

Scrub Test
Knowing which paint will resist the scrub test is good information.  Best to be informed as to which paint finishes are best.   If the paint wears or fades away after a few scrubs then it’s clear that’s not the right paint finish to go with especially if it’s going to be in the kitchen which is the busiest room of the house.  A good paint will not wear down or fade away after removing a stain.

Smooth Surface
A good quality paint will leave a smooth finished surface.  No paint brush or paint roller marks are left behind.  Some paints may leave a bit of a grain like finish almost like running your hand over sand is what it will feel like.  The lower end paints will not only give poor paint coverage, but will show the marks of the paint brush and paint roller.  In fact you may see the exact spots you started and stopped the painting.

Keep in mind  that even high quality paint will not change the pre-existing surface of the walls.   If the recommended prep work before painting any walls or ceilings is not completed you still won’t get the best smooth finish.  High quality paints don’t perform miracles, but the right painter can.  Talk to a company about their painting services to see if they offer drywall repairs, patching, etc.

Moisture Resistance
Using the right paint in rooms that are high in moisture makes the biggest difference.  A good quality paint would have to be resistant to mildew, steam, and if your room gets full sun exposure. You want to choose the best moisture resistance paint used in bathrooms or kitchens to help prevent the build up of mold or mildew.

How to Pick the Perfect Paint for the Job

Most of today’s paints are low to no VOC’s (Volatile Organic compounds). VOC’s are solvents released in the air when the paint dries and have been linked to problems for people with asthma or allergies. Paint manufacturers today make almost all their paints safer and environmentally friendly.  Find out the difference between water based paints and solvent based paints.

The prices vary from $30.00 to $38.00 for the 1st line, $42.00 to $49.00 for the middle line and the top line costs can be anywhere starting from $53.00 right up to $80.00 per gallon. As well as go over the differences between the paint finishes you will choose.  Every paint manufacturer has their own version of 1st line, middle line and top of the line paint products and prices vary among them.  It also depends on where you buy your paints. Whether its a local Ottawa home improvement store or a professional paint store that specializes only in paint.
Paint finish refers to how the paint will dry. You want to choose a flat, eggshell, semi-gloss, high-gloss or satin finish. Knowing the difference between Paint Finish or Paint Sheen  will help guide you in the selecting between flat or matte, satin or eggshell and semi-gloss to high gloss.

Paint, Painters, and Painting

Today’s homeowner and consumer is empowered with knowledge right at their fingertips. All they have to do is ask Google the question: Which paint is the best quality paint?  or What is the best paint to use for painting my house? and within seconds a huge list of answers appears.

In the primitive years before the internet and google, homeowners and consumers relied only on what a professional house painter recommended to them.  They counted on their painters to have the knowledge and expertise to tell them what is the best paint to use.

Back in the day, house painters were considered decorators too.  Historically the painter was responsible for mixing the paint, keeping the pigments, oils, thinners and driers all in their supply box. They would actually use their knowledge and experience to make the proper mix to get the right paint colour right on the house painting job site.

Of course there were not as many paint colour choices then as there are now.  Thank goodness for paint companies that have developed and formulated hundreds of paint colours, tones and hues, that make it easier for the painter to just buy the paint colour the homeowner selects.  The stores where the paint contractor gets their supplies can mix a few drops of a pigment in order to get the perfect colour match as they now have the formulas provided to them from the manufacturers.

The main purpose of painting is to improve the aesthetics of a home and to protect it from damage by water, natural elements like the sun and our extreme cold Ottawa winters.  Painting can also protect from rust and corrosion and mold.

At the end of the day you get what you pay for in every thing.  From the paint you choose to do a DIY paint job, to the painters you hire to do the painting for you.

Need help finding the right paint, choosing a paint colour or paint finish, connect with a painting company.

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