Paint Colour Psychology

Ever wonder why many hospitals are painted in a green or blue paint colour? It’s believed that the colour green offers a feeling of freshness like outdoor nature and the feeling of hope. When green is used in combination with blue it offers a relaxing atmosphere. Kind of makes it a little easier when you’re not well and stuck in a hospital room for days. If nothing else the paint colour can be soothing.
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Paint Colour Psychology

On November 25 2016 we published an article regarding Colour and your Personality which tells us how and why you choose a certain colour over another. Whether for your wardrobe, buying that new car or for your house painting project, they are a reflection of our personality and outlook on life itself.


Understanding Paint Colour Psychology

How can you use the paint colour choices you make to help you achieve the look and feel you’re after in your home decor scheme.

Next time you drive thru or go into a restaurant notice how there’s a lot of Red and or Yellow colours used. The Colour Psychology here is that the bold and bright cheery colours tend trick your mind into making an impulsive decision to buy. They have a certain power to persuade you and give you that determination to buy.

Using the Paint Colour Psychology for your House Painting Project

When considering taking on a house painting project, whether it’s a DIY or you hire a professional painter take a few of the following tips into consideration when choosing paint colour. Let the personality descriptions behind the colours be somewhat of a guide to help you achieve the look and feel you want for your home.


Painting a a Shade of Grey or any other neutral shade in your entrance gives you that calming and relaxing feeling the moment you walk through your front door. Cozy it up with warm accessories such as a front entry table, a table lamp, some silver or deep coloured accessories. Cream colours also blend nicely. If you use dark wood in the table or other accessory it will make a bold yet welcoming statement. Throw a bowl on the table to catch your keys or phone when you walk in.

set of keys inside the bowl


Many of our clients choose a neutral colour for their kitchen, whether it’s a gray, blue or taupe, because most times the kitchen blends with the family room and if it’s a full open concept home then all the rooms interconnect and it’s hard to pick different colours for each room, although it can be done. Most often the same colour is used just in a lighter or darker tone to the other room. Some say the best colour for kitchen is white, which gives the feeling of purity and cleanliness. On the other hand black and red are not highly favoured as they tend to flare up tempers in the kitchen.


The color of your bedroom is a personal thing and also depends on the age of the individual using that room. Take for example a nursery would be a soothing space in a light green, or silver-blue hue. These colours tend to make it neutral for either a boy or girl. If the room is for a toddler you can make a dark coloured blue painted wall with either lighter shades on the other three walls or paint the ceiling a cream colour. These paint colours can grow with the toddler well into the tweenage years. Same goes for a girl’s room. Pinks, Purples blend perfectly with grays and they are colours they can keep till their tweens too. Subdued hues of greens and blues promote rest. Green also creates a peaceful calm and encourages learning.

Dining Room

Blues, Greens, Greys all go perfectly in the dining room as they all promote conversation. Apparently many restaurants use these colours because they stimulate the palate and appetite.


Paint your bathroom in light shades of greens, blues, pink or white. These will provide you with the feeling of calmness where you can retreat at the beginning and end of each day. Black and or Grey make perfect accent colours. Bathrooms are considered one of the important rooms in your house as it is usually the first one you enter each day and the colours in that room make all the difference in how your day will start

Paint Colour Samples

shows a Paint Color Consultant sitting and analyzing colour charts for a house painting project

Go to your local Paint store or ask your personal painter in Ottawa to give you or show you paint colour samples. Together or independently you can select the perfect paint colour for your home. Your professional painter will assist you in choosing. You can pick up colour chips at the paint store, bring them home and stick them on the walls for a few days. Let the morning light shine onto them as well as the evening interior lights, this way you can see the difference between the daytime and nighttime hue of the paint colour. Visit our Paint Colour Consultation page for more information and description on paint finishes

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Light Reflectance Value LRV for paint colours

More tips on Paint Colour psychology

  • Green is the colour of Hope, Fresh and Clean. Green and blue combinations offer a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Yellow is the colour of Patience and Tolerance, it is said that those who choose this colour have a positive outlook on life in general.
  • Orange is the colour of Creativity, it enhances studying or getting work done in your home office.
  • Red is the colour of Romance. Did you also know it says you have Power, are Impulsive, Ambition and Determination. You can be very Persuasive too.
  • Purple is the Colour that shows off the Charismatic, Sensitive type. It also shows that you either possess or aim to achieve money and power.
  • Peach is the colour of those in Love, love to be social and are thought to be very Lucky.
  • Pink is also the colour of affection. It shows the softer and kind hearted side of you. It’s perfect for a little girls room usually, most often times when used in painting and decorating a girl’s room it’s usually in a hot pink, bubble gum pink or cotton candy pink. When used in a grown up space the tone and hue of the pink colour is subdued with a hint of grey to bring out the more sophisticated adult look to your space or room.
  • Gray Colour brings balance to everything. So when considering it as a paint colour for a living room, dining room or family room, think of it as a calming and relaxing colour that is a perfect backdrop to bringing balance with other colours you may add to your colour scheme.
  • Dark Blue Paint Colour is Authoritative and Successful. Consider an accent wall when painting say your home office, family room or even the bedroom.

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In the end choose the colour that makes you feel most comfortable. Of course we are always available for a painting and colour consultation.

You can also find more information and tips on our articles for house painting tips to ensure you get the best looking result possible for your DIY painting project. If you’re looking to hire a professional painter contractor in Ottawa, we’d love to help. Simply contact us to schedule a paint estimate. We look forward to hearing from you soon.