What is your Colour Personality

Do you ever wonder about why you choose certain colours lets say for fashion, in the car you buy or the paint colour you choose when painting your house.

blurry dark red colour

We all know that colours are a big influence on our decisions for making choices. The colours we chose say a lot about our personality and your outlook on life itself. Take for example someone who melts for the colour yellow. That individual is thought to have an optimistic and energetic personality while the individual who tends to choose the colour purple might be more of a gentle, reserved and mellow person.

Which colour best describes your personality from the list below

Playful, high energy and kindhearted best describe someone who loves the colour orange. It is believed that they enjoy an active lifestyle. The colour also reflects their caring, warm and giving spirit. Someone with this personality makes a great friend and a good listener. It’s also believed they enjoy being the centre of attention and therefore make great public speakers. A few words that describe the orange personality are: Playful, Energetic, Generous, Openminded.

Sincere, kind and sympathetic are a few of the characteristics of the blue personality. Sensitive, calm and the love of being around tranquil blue waters gives them that connection to the great outdoors. Being surrounded by the beauty of nature brings balance to their lives amidst the chaos of the outside world of which they tend to stay far away from. They are hopeless romantics and believe in hope, faith and the good in their hearts to spread the love and joy to others by doing good on a continual basis. A few words to describe the blue personality are: Idealistic, Romantic, Loyal and Empathetic.

Passionate, dominant and ambitious is the colour red personality trait. They are filled with ambition and direction and are 100% confident of themselves and their goals in life. Firecracker is a commonly used word to describe the red colour personality. They are a no-no-nonsense type of individual who is not afraid to voice their opinion. As strong willed and determined a red might be they have many friends but are only close with a small few. They are committed and loyal to friends and family. A few words to describe the red personality are: Passionate, Ambitious, Confident and Determined.

Yellow best describes an optimist. This personality is an idealist and very practical. They are caring and responsible individuals who would do anything for a friend or even a stranger if possible. It is believed they thrive on being generous, kind, responsible and trusting. They are not pessimistic or negative and believe in the Karma of being kind, thoughtful and generous to all, will bring them the same. A few words that describe the yellow personality are: Responsible, Faithful, Helpful, and Sensible.

Artistic, creative dreamers describe the purple personality characteristic. Those who fit this profile are very emotional and sensitive. Their minds are always curious and imaginative. They enjoy their solitude where they can be creative in their passions. Whether it may drawing, painting or writing their creativity is bountiful. Gentle and peaceful traits of the purple personality makes them trusted and compassionate friends. Words to describe the purple personality are: Charismatic, Sensitive, Gentle and Supportive.

The love of nature and endless curiosity of the world and people around them. The green colour personality characteristic best describes those that are extremely grounded in who they are. Highly intellectual, yet very sarcastic and have relationships with only those who truly understand and appreciate them for who they are. Words to describe the green personality are: Powerful, Intellectual, Curious and Introverted

As we can see those that fit the colour personality characteristics choose their colours wisely and with deep thought.

shows a Paint Color Consultant sitting and analyzing colour charts for a house painting project

Perhaps this is why some of us choose certain colours when we buy a new coat or dress, a new car or even when choosing a paint colour. See how you can accentuate your house, room or space with colour. If your hiring a painter in Ottawa you can also ask about paint colour consultation and which paint sheens are most suited for your particular project.

So which colour best describes you or someone you know? Till next time Ciao for now Pina G.