The Psychology Of Paint Colour

Why do hospitals paint the walls green or blue? The psychology of choosing those paint colours in hospitals is that it offers that outdoor freshness and feel of nature, making it a more comfortable stay. These colours also provide a sense of hope. Blue and Green are serene colours and it certainly helps to ease in a small way any kind of a hospital stay.
room with green and white paint colours

Paint Colour Psychology

In our previous article regarding Colour and your Personality  it tells us how and why we have a preference to one colour over another. Our personalities shine through in the colour choices we make each day. Whether it’s in the choice of what we will wear, or the colour of our cars, they influence our decisions, reflect our personality and outlook on life. Let the personality descriptions behind the colours be somewhat of a guide to help you achieve the look and feel you want for your home.
red paint colour on wall of kitchen

Understanding Paint Colour Psychology

The understanding of the psychology of colour comes into play each day. As mentioned above, from choosing what colour we pick from our wardrobe for the day, or the colour of the new car we want to buy, and the colours we see when we go to restaurants.

Have you ever wondered why there is a lot of Red or Yellow colours in restaurants and drive thru’s. The psychology behind these is that because they are both bright and cheerful, they tend to trick our mind into making more of an impulse decision to buy. They tend to have a power of persuasion, and give us determination into the purchase.

There’s a certain power that comes from the choices we make in our home decor selections. From the paint colours to the accessories, flooring and window treatments, we choose the ones that will best reflect our personality and how we want to feel each time we walk through the door and settle into any room of our house.  The colours we choose are a reflection of our mood and or feelings. It’s a way of identifying our creativity and personality.
living room with big window and furniture painted in neutral gray paint and white gives modern look by Ottawa House Painters PG Paint & Design

Using the Paint Colour Psychology for your House Painting Project

When considering taking on a house painting project, whether it’s a DIY or you hire a  take a few of the following tips into consideration when choosing paint colours for every room and remember to take note of how lighting affects  the end results.

How We Choose Paint Colours For How They Make us Feel

The Psychology behind some colours is that they give us a feeling of comfort, joy, serenity. Some remind us of a memory, some bring us together with nature. We’ve put together a few meanings to some of the colours and how they make us feel and perhaps why we tend to choose them.

Gray Colour brings balance. It is a calming and relaxing colour perfect backdrop to bringing a family room or living room into balance. Painting in a dark or light gray is modern yet has become a common neutral shade in house painting. It’s also perfect in a dining room, bathroom or bedroom.

Blue  is Authoritative and Successful. Painting a focal wall in a home office, family room or even a bedroom brings an accent to any room. It’s bold and beautiful without a doubt. The blues come in many different hues and/or shades.

Green is the colour of Hope, Fresh and Clean. It’s found in the beauty of our great outdoors. Bringing in the colour of nature into our homes will give us a feel of cozy with a touch of freshness. When you combine Green and Blue you get an atmosphere filled with a relaxing environment.

Yellow is the colour of Patience and Tolerance, it is said that those who choose this colour have a positive outlook on life in general.

Red is the colour of Romance. It also says ambition, impulsive, persuasive and determined.

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In the end choose the colour that makes you feel most comfortable. Of course we are always available for a .

You can find more information and tips in our articles for house painting tips to ensure you get the best looking result possible for your DIY painting project.

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