Paint Brush Strokes or Streaks

blue paint and streaky brush strokes photo from the Benjamin Moore website

What is Paint Burnishing?

According to the Benjamin Moore Website and from experience as a Painter in Ottawa with 30 years of experience in the painting industry it is caused from repeated rubbing and not using the appropriate paint for a high traffic volume area.

Causes of the Paint Gloss or Sheen looking streaky

  1. Poor application of paint by an unprofessional painter
  2. Inappropriate quality of paint used for a high traffic area, Let’s just say you have a mudroom where the children come through and through their shoes and boots off their feet, their little hands are always touching the walls, you’re always having to rub them to wash away the dirt. In situation like this if the appropriate paint is not used then everytime you wash it or rub it, It will eventually lose the gloss and lustre, you’ll start to see the original paint underneath the new paint colour. Furniture can also cause this by constantly being pushed up to the painted walls.
  3. Using a flat paint or poor quality that does not hold up to the constant in a high traffic area .
  4. Using an abrasive cleanser to wash the painted walls.

Preventing Paint from Streaking or Burnishing or looking Streaky

  1. Top quality semi-gloss or gloss latex Paint is usually more durable and easy to clean and can withstand the daily routing of high traffic and cleaning. Window sills/frames Trim and doors are easily dirtied but if good paints are used they will be easy to clean and wash repeatedly for a few years.
  2. Try to avoid having furniture or other objects rubbing against the painted walls. Although it’s not that easy it’s recommended if you have big furniture pieces that get moved often
  3. Cleaning with a soft cloth or sponge with non-abrasive cleanser, usually warm water and soap should do it. Rinse it with clean water
  4. If you end up with stubborn stains or scuff marks, use a mild abrasive cleaner cautiously with water and a cloth or sponge. You can also use a solution of part bleach to 2 or 3 parts water dependent on the strong stains or marks. Always rinse with clean water, of which you may need to repeat 2 or 3 times. Just to ensure any cleaner is completely removed.

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