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Painting the walls in your home, condo or apartment is a great way to get a fresh start if you’re just moving in to your new space or if you’re wanting to give it a new look.  Before any painting of the walls begins you should prepare the surface by following the tips we outline below.

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How to Prepare Walls for Painting

Filling in any nail pops, holes or cracks in the drywall, trim or baseboards with the proper drywall material or wood filler is key to getting that perfect smooth result at the end.
Don’t forget to fill any cracks or gaps in any of the trim woodwork around the baseboards, door and window frames with caulk. Caulking ensures everything is sealed and ensures good paint adhesion.

unpainted interior wall before painting with drywall patching and repair

Without the proper preparation of the walls before painting you will not achieve the results you were hoping for. Skipping the pre-painting prep steps will not only give you a rougher paint finish but it will show all the imperfections.

Taking the time to make repairs to the walls and prepare a room for painting, by sanding the surface to a smooth finish before paint is applied will ensure your end result will be good paint adhesion and professional painting results.

Show off those walls you’ve painted to all your family and friends, you can proudly do so when you’ve followed the pre-painting surface preparation steps.

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