Taking inspiration from all things festive during the holiday season that bring smiles to all our faces and warm our hearts with memories of family and Christmas past.

Decorating the home with colours always adds that sparkle and warmth to any interior decor. We treasure our collections of Christmas past and add each year with something new.

Christmas time with books

Even though the Christmas holidays come around only once each year, it’s always exciting to bring colour to the decor of our interiors. From a simple addition of new accessories themed for the holidays, adding colours brings us joy, warmth and a feeling of serenity and comfort of which we call home. Although many of us collect, treasure and proudly display ornaments and decorations from years ago, adding each year one or a few new pieces adds to the precious memories of each year. I share with you some of my favourite colours to add to the home decor during the holiday season. Being part owner of a painting company 🙂

I have the need to share some matching choices in paint colours. Add sparkle to any room during the season with paint colours that boost the mood and can be enjoyed the entire year through. From soft creams like vanilla to deep blue like the midnight sky. Colours are the jewels that adorn our homes.

Decorating The Home With Colour

A bowl full of cherries, a tray full of cookies and a glass of milk or eggnog. From the green in the holly leaves, to the vanilla cream of the cookies alongside the bright bowl of red from the cherry dip, these colours blend together perfectly.

Decorating with Red Colour

Nothing says festive like the bold beautiful colour – Red. It makes a bold statement as an accent wall in any living room or dining room. Choosing the perfect shade of red paint colour can add drama as a pop of colour to any room. It can make any room speak volumes or give you a relaxing spot to dine with family or friends.

cherry burst paint colour from Benjamin Moore paints

Adding red ornaments to the tree or christmas table setting brings everyone cheer. Used in a dining room it encourages conversation. The simple addition of a focal wall in a dining room makes a perfect setting both for the holidays and throughout the entire year. Paired with a light cream on the balance of the walls it provides a cozy room to gather in and enjoy the company of family and friends.

Check out these red paint choices from the Benjamin Moore Paints Collection.

Red is a popular colour during the holidays that brings joy and laughter to every child with the anticipation of the arrival of the jolly man dressed up in his red suit on his red sleigh, the mistle toe with red berries and let’s not forget Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Precious memories of the holiday season.

Decorating with Green Colour

Metallics and Green are the perfect choices to decorate during the holiday season. Adding a twist and sparkle to the already festive red.

Christmas tree with red and metallic ornament decorations

Bring the beauty of outdoor nature into our homes by adding green colours into the home decor. The sight and the smell of the evergreen at Christmas time brings us that feeling of cozy home childhood memories. From pine, to spruce the fragrance of the natural green tree are reminders of one of the things we love about Christmas.

Green paint colours say elegance with their vivid tones and hues. Pair them up with reds, browns and creams and they’ll be sure to light up any space. It’s a calming colour due to it reminding us of nature.

Decorating with Brown Colours

cup of hot cocoa chocolate

Marshmallows and candy cane.  Nothing goes better on a cold winter’s day and a skate on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa but a cup of hot chocolate cocoa.

The warm brown found in the colours of a mug full of hot chocolate gives the highlights to the beauty and warm feeling this natural neutral can bring to your home.

From a dark chocolate to a light cappuccino, browns make the perfect paint colour choice that blends with any other decorating palette in the home.  It blends perfectly with light or dark furniture therefore making it a go to classic neutral that’s so very complimentary.

rideau canal skateway in Ottawa Ontario Canada
photo courtesy of @ty_vantran and the ottawa tourisim website 

Decorating with White Colour

Walking or skating in a winter wonderland with the beautiful blue sky and our frigid Ottawa cold on our beautiful skateway on the rideau canal take a moment to notice the beauty of how and where the snow and the sky meet.

Can you see it?

It’s that perfect spot where the two collide creating that beautiful soft hue of the white with the soft blue or reverse it into the blue with a hint of white. It’s delicate either way isn’t it.

blue and white Christmas decorations on tree

White is soft and elegant as freshly fallen snow. Crisp and clean are two words used to describe the beauty of white. Add any shade of white to your home’s decor whether it’s in the accessories or the tree ornaments it’s the perfect addition to any room. Check out these white paint shades from Benjamin Moore.

Decorating with Blue Colour

Midnight Blue is also a perfect colour to add into the christmas decor. Imagine being on a cruise or on a beach at night and you look out onto the water. Stare far, far away and try to notice how deep the blue of the ocean is. It’s so deep that it’s almost a black.  If there’s a full moon the reflection is even so much prettier. It reflects onto the dark blue waters hinting a white or silver glow.

Next time you’re considering painting a child’s room think of this stunning blue or any one of these shades of blue. Use it as an accent wall or paint the entire room and add other colours for décor. Blues work perfectly in any nursery, bedroom, home office or hallway entrance as well. Reach for the stars with this one. 😊

Decorating with Silver and Gray Colours

a woman holding metallic silver round ornament

Silver and Gray are classic in christmas home decor. From the shiny sparkles on one of the many tree ornaments to the silver on our dinner tables, it adds just the perfect sparkle to any home gathering with family and friends.

Silver is what we also refer to as gray when thinking about paint colours. With many shades of gray to choose from, the creativity can be endless. From dark to light gray or silver add the perfect sparkle to your holiday decor.

If soft and warm neutrals are more in your choices of colour schemes, think of vanilla ice cream or the glow of a candle burning. The soft hues of a neutral vanilla a.k.a. beige blend perfectly with any furniture and accessory. It’s close enough to white too.

Decorating with Gold Colour

It’s the star of the show, the highlight of decorating the christmas tree.

gold Christmas tree star ornament

Adding that last final touch to some of my favorite colours to decorate with through the holiday season and throughout the year is Gold. It’s the glow of an angel or star placed on the very top of the tree. The gold glow is a highlight to any tree and just the perfect sparkle to the holiday celebrations. I hope you enjoyed this little collection of a few of my favorite colours for home decorating, and if you have a DIY painter in your home and are looking for gift ideas, we hope these are useful.

Happy Decorating folks and on behalf of myself and PG PAINT & DESIGN – Ottawa House Painters we wish you a Merry Christmas and Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

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