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Beautifying the home with paint colours is like magic.  Using some of the new trending colours helps create a modern look to any space

houses in ottawa neighborhoods
Popular house painting colours that we’ve seen and used as  have been in the gray tones for over a year now. Soft and neutral paint colours in gray’s, blues, greens have been very popular.
The subtle hues and soft tones in the paint colours bring a soothing and serene feel to any home decor. With such wide variety of selections from dark to light colour tones it’s easy to pick one that will suit your home decor.
shows a living room dining room painted with Kendall Charcoal focal wall, other walls painters used Revere Pewter all benjamin moore paints
These popular paint colours match well with the dark flooring that’s so popular in Ottawa area homes as well as most furniture and accessories. The softness of some of the hues makes for a perfect back drop to showcasing your creative personality in how you decorate your house.

House Painting Colours that are Popular

We are going to share just a few of the popular paint colours we’ve been using that seem to be all time favourites by many homeowners. If you are looking for inspiration on choosing paint colours hopefully these will give you ideas.

Popular Gray Paint Colours

Various shades of gray provide a modern yet cozy atmosphere to any room in the house. From dark gray accent wall in the living room or bedroom for example mixed in with a lighter shade on remaining walls gives any room a bold accent, modern look and a cozy feeling of home.
Gray Paint colours used by house painters in Ottawa PG Paint & Design
Take for example Kendall Charchoal and Revere Pewter. They’ve been very popular in house painting in the past two years. Many clients have combined the two. Highlighting one wall with the dark Kendall Charcoal and completing it with the Revere Pewter. We think the paint colours combine well.
dining room painted in revere pewter with entrance in kendall charcoal paint by house painters in Ottawa PG Paint & Design

Popular Blue Paint Colours

Shades of blue paint colours are versatile, soft, neutral and modern in home decor. Again many choose to accent one wall in a room with a dark shade of blue paint and complete the rest of the room with one or two shades lighter from the accent wall.
Light blue paint like the colour of the sky brings in the freshness of nature, while a dark blue paint colour can bring in the drama of the night sky.
interior painting of hallway and stairs in ottawa by painters PG PAINT
Some of the other blue paint colours used in painting homes in our Ottawa neighborhoods have been
blue paint colours used for interior painting by house painters in Ottawa PG Paint & Design

Popular Green Paint Colours

Ahhh the beauty of nature. Green paint colours on the walls or ceiling of any room in your house bring a comfort feeling just like being outdoors enjoying the beauty of the green grass and trees.
green sample paint colours for interior painting used by painters in Ottawa PG PAINT & DESIGN
Popular in painting of bedrooms and living rooms, especially some of the greens are popular for nurseries, we as painters have used several different shades of green paint in painting houses this past year.
Green is also very neutral and is an easy colour to coordinate with furniture, flooring etc.

Popular White Paint Colours

White paint colour isn’t boring any more. With varieties of hues and tones to choice from. Some whites give you a hint of blue or green while others can give you a hue of brown or yellow or gray. These are some of the white paint colours we as painters have been painting in our clients homes.
samples of white paint colours for interior painting used by Ottawa painters PG PAINT & DESIGN
Whether you choose to paint the entire house in one of these whites or just the trim, baseboards, doors, frames or any other woodwork, we think these whites are a perfect choice for those who prefer the crispness and simplicity of white over colours.
White reflects a lot of light therefore if you have a small room it can make it appear bigger. The glow of natural daylight will definitely highlight any room, while the artificial lighting from lamps and ceiling lights will provide a cozy atmosphere on any evening whilst having friends for dinner or just cozy up on a living room chair with a book for some downtime.
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