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Popular or trending are terms used in home decor for paint colours, furniture and accessories.  Painting the living room which is one of the most used rooms in any house, condo or apartment makes for the perfect space to unwind from a busy day, to relax with a good book or watch T.V. and hang out with family and friends.

living room painted in neutral gray paint and white by PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa House Painters

Just like the kitchen the living room or better known as the family room in the new open concept spaces of modern homes painting and decorating the space invites our personalization of the room.

Adding our personality with paint colours in shades of gray or neutrals, or any popular paint colour defines any room and becomes inviting for you to enjoy at any time as well as being the envy of friends and family.

Here are just a few of the popular and trending paint colours we have been painting with in the Ottawa area.  They are classic and modern and will still look great 5 years from now.

Popular Paint Colours for Painting Living Rooms

Popular Paint Colour Benjamin Moore Escarpment Gray CC-518 used by painting company in Ottawa PG Paint & Design house painters

Gray  Modern, cozy and trending. With 100’s of gray paint colours in different hues and tones the selection is endless.  Today’s gray paint colours have deep undertones of browns, pinks, blues, greens and purples too.  It makes it easy for you to choose and it all depends on the look your wanting to achieve, and the undertone you are wanting to match your furnishings and accessories with.

Here are a few samples of some gray paint colours we have painted in Ottawa area homes and continue painting as most homeowners are finding them modern yet cozy and really appealing.


From the brown tones to blue or green each gray has it’s own characteristic and can beautify any living room, bedroom or accent wall  or any other space in your house.
To see all the Gray Paint Colours in the Benjamin Moore Paints line visit there website, you will find a link at the end of this article.

Blue  Painting a living room blue gives you a cozy feel and brings in a little bit of nature. As the sky is blue, painting a blue colour on the walls of any room in your house brings tranquility. It is also a very versatile paint colour and goes well with dark furniture, and accessories.  Different shades of blue paint colours, some with green undertones, blue or gray.

White  You may think that white is simply white, but oh no. There are tints and hues that make every white different from the other. From Cloud White to Decorators White there’s blue, brown and green tints to every white.
Painting the interior  in any white paint colour as shown in the samples below gives you the opportunity to have a neutral, soothing colour, giving you a fresh yet relaxing ambience.  Decorate with dark furniture or light wood furniture, accessorize with any bold colours such as reds, oranges, dark blues, silver, just to mention a few.

Painting with white paint colours is very versatile, as you can decorate with different colours from the art to the throw pillows and rugs.  White paint colour also reflects lights well and can make a room seem larger.  During the day with the sun and daylight it enhances the natural beauty of the lighting as well as the beauty of the backdrop this white paint colour creates in a room.  In the evening with the interior lights on the white always provides more lighting than a darker colour would.  White is a colour that never goes out of style, yet never boring.  You can change the decor of any room painted in white by simply changing a few of the accessories.

Be Creative When Working With Colours

Combining paint colours is also an enhancement to any room.  Add drama by painting a focal wall in a darker shade.  It will stand out apart from the rest of the room giving depth and character to the space. When choosing paint colours if you are not feeling 100 percent sure as to what goes with what, you can certainly call on a professional painting company.

Professional house painters can answer your questions about what colours blend and mix well together so that everything is perfectly matched for aharmonious feel.

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Following are the Popular Paint Colour Samples from the Benjamin Moore website as mentioned in this article.
Gray Paint Colour Samples Blue Paint Colour Samples White Paint Colour Samples 

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