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Are you looking for that perfect paint colour for a room in your house?   Are you wanting to paint a modern or trending paint colour in your home?  PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa Painters have 30 years of experience in the house painting industry and feel confident to be able to suggest paint colours for your next project.

Choosing a Paint Colour

Choosing a paint colour is not always an easy task. Most times it starts with seeing a gorgeous new paint colour in a friend’s home, or in a family member’s house. We end up really liking it and want to know the name of the colour and then we want to be able to either do some DIY Painting or hire a professional house painter in Ottawa.

We’ve put together a couple of ideas for paint colours together that show how colour combinations work, but then again each of us have a personal favourites and your individual selection may not be the same as someone else’s and that’s ok. It’s being “Unique”. Each of us are unique so why shouldn’t our paint colours be more about us too. You may find the reason to why you choose a certain colour or why that certain blue is your favourite in two articles we put together.

​Our first article describes the science behind the psychology of colour

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Have you ever wondered why hospitals are painted in a green or blue paint colour? Or why most fast food restaurants choose bright red and or yellow?  Next time you drive thru or go into one of these establishments see if you notice the red’s and yellow’s used.  The psychology behind this is that the bold and bright cheery colours tend to trick our minds into making an impulsive decision to buy.  They have a certain power to persuade you and give you that determination to buy.  The physchology behind hospitals using the greens and blues is because it is believed that the green offers a feeling of freshness like being outdoors in nature and the feeling of hope.  When green is used in combination with blue it offers a relaxing atmosphere.  Kind of makes it a little easier when you’re not well and stuck in a hospital room for days.  If nothing else the paint colour can be soothing.  You can read the full article on our Blog.

Our second article describes or better yet asks you the why and the what about our personal favourites. What is your Colour Personality​

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Do you ever wonder why you tend to choose certain colours or always stick to the same ones? Lets take fashion, or that new car you bought or want to buy or maybe even the paint colour you choose when painting your house.​

​Our colour choices are personal and unique as we are. When we choose them it’s because they best describe our personalities. For example if you’re a nature lover and enjoy being outdoors in the fresh air amongst the trees and flowers you may be a very grounded, highly intellectual and curious personality. If you are artistic, creative or a dreamer you are best described in the purple colour personality characteristic. Those who fit this profile are very emotional and sensitive, charismatic and creative. So which colour best describes you or someone you know? Find out in our article What is your Colour Personality . You may be surprised.

Paint Colour and Paint Finishes

When choosing a paint colour for your home there is also the factor of what type of finish you prefer on your walls.

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Have you wondered what is the difference between the paint finishes or paint sheen as sometimes referred to by your painter or local paint store expert.  Paint Sheen is another word for how shiny the paint will look when applied to the walls. Paint Finish refers to the durability and ease of care of the paint.  Meaning if you got crayon marks on your painted wall what finish would best be suitable for the ease of washing and removing that crayon wax.  When planning your next house painting project consider the paint finish or sheen along with which room it is best suited for.  Your chosen house painter should be able to guide you through each one and be able to explain which is best suited for your house and individual needs.

There are about six different paint finishes or sheens available from paint manufacturers. Benjamin Moore Paints offers the perfect description for these and you’ll find that information on the Benjamin Moore Website.

Here are a few guidelines/suggestions to choosing your paint finish.

Flat or Matte Finish is a good concealer. It is best used on surfaces requiring less frequent washing. The Flat/Matte finish paint conceals most flaws and makes it the better choice for older walls that have a lot of imperfections. The flat or matte paint finish is ideal for dining, living, bedrooms and closets.

Satin and Eggshell Paint Finish is best used in busy high traffic areas because of it’s easy maintenance. A simple wiping up of most fingerprints or dirt with just a damp cloth does it for this paint finish.

Semi-Gloss paints finish are durable as well as very washable. With a slight visible shine it is ideal for trim, baseboards, woodwork or cabinetry. It is recommended trim, baseboards and window or door frame as well as for high moisture areas because of the ease of cleanup. Just make sure to ask for a mildew resistant formula for the high moisture areas like the kitchen or bathrooms. We often use or suggest the Benjamin Moore Aura Bath & Spa Paint

Satin paint finish is very easy to keep clean again with just a damp cloth and can also handle soap if required.

High Gloss Paint Finish gives you the highest level of shine, but it also provides the most magnified way of seeing all the imperfections. The High Gloss Paint Finish was very popular in the 50’s to 70’s as it was believed that the shinier the paint in your house the wealthier you were. Proven to be very durable when used for the trim, baseboards, doors or other architectural elements you’d like highlighted. This would be the finish choice for you if you were wanting to get an extremely high level of shine but remember that all the imperfections will show up two fold. It is the strongest finish but also the shiniest, and is hardly if not at all used in today’s house painting.

You can read more information on the different paint finishes and sheens, or find out if there really is a difference in using high quality paint products.

If you have any questions regarding Paint Finishes, Paint Colours feel free to contact us to schedule your in home consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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