Supporting Local Ottawa Humane Society

Thanks to everyone who has followed and liked our Facebook Page. In honour of our 1000th Facebook Fan for PG Paint & Design  we are thrilled to have made a donation in honorarium of Micheline Sabourin who was our 1000th fan.

Shows certification of appreciation awarded to Micheline Sabourin for being 1000th Facebook fan by PG PAINT & DESIGN

We reached out to Micheline and asked her to chose a charity of her choice that we could donate in her honour a $25.00 donation. We are thrilled and honoured to be supporting our Local Ottawa Humane Society

We love animals, in fact we’ve had Scoobie our Cockatiel for over 16 years now. We hope our small contribution helps an animal in whichever way the society deems fit.

Scoobie our Cockatiel inside a house

We appreciate all our facebook fans, google page followers, pinterest pinners, houzz community, twitter followers and we thank you Ottawa for supporting Local Ottawa business such as ours. Stop by and visit our website PG PAINT & DESIGN