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We all enjoy watching the tv shows on home renos and improvements but do they really portray what it’s really like to live through a home renovation?  We all know that we can’t believe everything we see on T.V.

home renovations While it’s obvious that there are time constraints as well as promotional factors that affect the way certain home decor, renovations and home improvement shows are run, showing how stressful renos can be would take up hours if not days to portray on television.

We found this article 5 little ‘lies’ HGTV has been telling viewers that affect the market big time on how some of the TV shows are put together and what they do and don’t do about the behind the scenes.


Painting or repainting your house is one of the least expensive ways to upgrade/improve your curb appeal and the value of your home.

Whether you’re just moving in to a new house or putting it up for sale in the Ottawa Real Estate Market, by hiring the right painters who can help you achieve the look you are after will help make the home improvements and renos worth investing in your home.

You’ll find some great house painting tips if you’re planning on any DIY painting or you can book with a professional painter in Ottawa .

If your decorating budget allows for the hiring of a professional it will provide you the stress free and affordable home improvement you’ve been thinking about doing.


This article was originally published on Dec 12, 2016 and edited on May 18, 2021