House Painters Getting Scammed

In a search for news this morning we found this article about House Painters Getting Scammed, from Betty Sexton of KKTV News in Colorado Springs. We thought we needed to share because all house painters work hard for their money whether here in Ottawa, Ontario Canada or in the U.S. or any where else for that matter
shows a typical Canadian house from outside
photo courtesy (KKTV of Colorado Springs)

To all House Painters:

Apparently there’s a new scam where people call to request a quote or estimate for House Painting. You the painter sets up the appointment, arrive at the address and once there find out the owner is not available.

Your curiosity is sparked when you see a for sale sign, and the house actually looks like it doesn’t need to get painted.

But being the hard working painter we are, we go ahead and begin to estimate and provide a quote to the customer.

Once the estimate is delivered you end up receiving a cheque for the amount of the quote or even more than that.

Now most would think that’s an awesome client. But the red flags should start to go up when upon receiving this cheque you are asked to go ahead and cash it, keep $1,000.00 from the over $4,500.00 cheque and wire the remainder $3,500.00 to a plumber who is supposedly also contracted to be working on the house.

Be Aware if you are sent to a home to make a house painting estimate/bid. Especially if the house is up For Sale and upon examination it doesn’t really look like it needs painting. Ensure that the individual calling to make the appointment with you the painter is available at the address provided. Whether that be the current owner, real estate agent or the prospective buyer.

Apparently, from this article on KKTV News, it says that the common denominator in these new scams targeting house painters is that the houses are listed for sale and are also listed on Craigslist. Although we wouldn’t ignore scammers looking through the Kijiji ads either. The painters who unfortunately fell into this unfortunate scam were robbed of their time, expertise and of course money. While they were wasting time giving a painting estimate to someone who did not exist they could have had a signed contract with another homeowner wanting to have their house painted.

Warning to all Painters in Ottawa, Canada

Be weary this scam is presently only known in the U.S. but it could head up to our areas too.

Be mindful of these new scams, don’t trust someone who sends you a cheque for way more than you were asking for and asking you to wire it to someone else. It’s our busiest time of year, a week of not painting is a big loss to any house painting company/contractor.

For anyone or any professional business or contractor remember:

If it smells like a rat it probably is

Never accept to wire money to a supposed other contractor working on the same house as you are, whether that be the plumber, painter, electrician, flooring guy or whomever. It is a scam and sadly it could come our way. We never know.

To see the video and full article from KKTV – Betty Sexton click on the link below
House Painters getting scammed