Pro Painting Tips

Want to know the secrets for painting like the pros? As your professional house painters in the Ottawa area with over 30+ years experience we share our pro painting tips with you so that you may get awesome results even if you’re a DIY painter.
various tools for professional painters
It starts with making sure you have the proper tools for that next house painting job. Here are a few pro painting tips we have to share with you to get the best quality paint project done around your home.

Painting Tools Needed

  1. Make sure you buy painter’s tape if you are diy painting. It’ll make a huge difference if you’re not wanting any paint spillage from wall to ceiling or walls to trim.
  2. Ensure you buy a good quality paint brush and paint roller. Go ahead and splurge because if you cheap out on those two tools the end result will not make you happy. Cheap paint brushes leave behind hairs or fibers as do the cheaper rollers. Don’t buy them at the dollar store. As enticing as the low cost of them is they aren’t going to give you the professional painting results you want for your home and you will run into paint problems.
  3. Make sure you have a putty knife and some putty filler so that you can fill in any small holes like hanging pictures make when you remove them or small scratches, dents in the drywall that a small application of the filler will cover nicely. Of course if you have bigger gaps, holes or broken or damaged drywall then you’re going to need a trowel and drywall compound. Drywall repairs require more time and attention before any paint application see our article on Touch Up Painting or Repaint to see reasons why proper drywall repairs is key to a smooth finish.

hole in a white painted wall
PG Paint & Design Ottawa House Painter are meticulous about getting all the prep work done first. Ensuring all the flaws are fixed before any paint is applied to the walls. Here’s a few more painters tips for getting that next house painting job done just like the professionals painting contractors.

Quality Primer and Paint makes all the difference

Kilz spray bottle to block stains
Kilz Original in a gallon can is perfect for restoring a stained ceiling. One that has not been painted in a very long time, one that has water or smoke damage to it. It comes in it’s original white but it can be stained in any paint colour necessary to get the result you’re after. There also is a spray can format of which is great to use on small stains and spots like on the ceiling or on the knots in the wood of the baseboards, frames or trim.

There is a huge difference between the quality of the paint and primer you choose. Don’t believe all the hype with the primer and paints in one. It really does not get the job done as professionally as you may think.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to quality paint and primer products as you’ll regret the choices made. Splurge on the better product professionals use and you’ll get better results for your house painting.

Wall Prep before painting

PG Paint & Design house painters in Ottawa offer the following suggestions to ensure a smooth finish to your painted walls.

Start by sanding all the trim and baseboards using a sponge sanding block or sheet of sandpaper. This ensures you remove any bumps and imperfections. Using either or the sanding block or sheet of sandpaper will be a choice preference but both will give you the smooth finish you want before you apply the paint
sandpaper and sanding block
Make sure you repair any drywall damage, with either spackling compound if it’s a small area to be repaired or use the pre mixed drywall compound or powdered drywall bag to be mixed with water.
bucket of easi fil all purpose drywall compound used by professional painters
bag of drywall compound used by painters
caulking and caulking gun for application around window seals and frames and baseboards and trim
Make sure all trim around the windows, doors and the baseboards is properly sealed with caulking.

House Painters and painting is the one thing you want to make sure you have the very best of. It’s truly an art form that requires skill, knowledge, experience craftsmanship and discipline. It makes all the difference when hiring a professional house painter in Ottawa who pays attention to detail and makes a difference in how your house painting results turn into an investment for you to enjoy for years to come.

Hope these tips have been helpful for your next diy painting project. If you’re looking for a painting contractor give us a call or email. Ciao for now. Pina G.